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2020.11.29 00:30 ethanh_reddit My 2 cent anti-Fatalis builds for randoms (beginners included)

(Feel free to skip the explanation. The lists are ordered roughly according to the strength, the top being the strongest. Pre-Fatty means before clearing The Black Dragon. References are in superscript)


Fatty hits really really hard. I think for most of us, defensive measures are needed. Besides the obvious Health Boost 3, Divine Blessing 5 is arguably the most effective (1, 2\). Fire Resistance also mitigates its attacks but I don't know exactly how much. Fireproof mantle+ is recommended instead. Even with the most defensive build (which is impractical), carting will still happen. In light of this, Fortify is included (what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?).
Fatty is also the tankiest (171600 for 4 players). We need lots of dps in order to slay it. Otherwise, the fight'll be long suffering which may not lead to completion. Therefore, the builds are attack-oriented but there's plenty room for skills you need or want (e.g. Partbreaker which I personally think is not absolutely necessary because as long as the team often tries to hit the the head, it'll be broken naturally.)
These builds are actually templates filled with offensive skills that I think are primary and many empty slots for different needs. They encompass popular weapon choices which are powerful so they should be accessible to many players.

The case of Fatty’s weapons

As more have access to Fatty's weapons, naturally they're widely used. They are indeed included but their negative affinity and thin sharpness make them difficult to build around, leaving little leeway. The difficulty lies on attaining 100% affinity because only then can their power be fully unleashed, becoming True Fatalis Weapons.
Granted, their attacking power is so high that even they don't crit all the time, they still beat past meta over time because the total damage can be averaged, resulting in high overall dps. However, if time is shortened to a specific period, they may not be as powerful.
Consider this FC GS meta and the popular cannon opening that knocks down Fatty. It's not enraged or softened, resulting in only 55% affinity on the head. If TCS is executed and it doesn't crit, it's weaker than this which crits. It's pointless to average that hit. Whereas if db is used, large number of hits can land so we can tell its overall damage, provided crit rng works properly.
Instead of controlled by rng, I'd rather take control. Therefore, these builds have high affinity, maxing out almost all reliable affinity sources. Inevitably, some of them, namely Agitator and Weakness Exploit+, are still conditional, requiring flinch shot and softening which are commonly ignored. It's also dangerous to do so on Fatty which doesn't have the typical stagger for clutching. This make them rather demanding to use.
Fortunately, the GS example also highlights old weapons aren't far beyond which still have room for affinity (Critical Eye, affinity augments, awakened abilities). For example, if you don't like softening, you can put in extra 20% affinity and discard Clutch Claw Boost. Among these flexible options, Safi's Drak weapons are recommended for that of tiny extra dragon. Safi's Shatter weapons/Lightbreak were popular but instead I'd recommend Safi's Bind counterparts.

Paralysis is good

Let's do some elimination. Fatty is immune stun. Poison or blast deals tiny damage relative to its large hp and they are hard to build up. For sleep, there'll be an extra flinch shot and Dragonator will deal double damage on the wake up hit but very often players are unaware when a monster is falling into sleep so pragmatically, only expect the flinch shot but it doesn't knock down Fatty unlike other monsters. Toppling Fatty is much needed. Mounting is possible but the area limits it to few weapons with jumping attacks.
Fatty is strong against paralysis too but it lasts 13 sec, much longer than other 1-star weak monster (mostly 7 sec). This allows the entire team to perform their strongest combo at least once. The total damage can hardly be matched by poison or blast procs.
A hunter alone can inflict paralysis once because the fight is long to build it up. Better news is for some weapons, no Paralysis Attack is needed although Felyne Specialist may help. These include, during my Fatty hunts, db, hh, lance, sa and ranged weapons. (I haven't tried paralysis gs, ls, hammer or gl.) And for those (e.g. sns) that I couldn't proc paralysis, there're good alternatives (e.g. Kjarr Slicer "Numb") to do so. In exchange, they sacrifice some dps so it's recommended to switch to other builds after 1 or 2 procs (for db).
For slow-hitting weapons, it's still recommended to use paralysis because the small amount contributes towards the proc(s) that other members may be trying to build up. Therefore, among Safi's weapons, the Bind version is provided alongside the Drak counterparts (whose dragon is solid damage, albeit little). For ranged weapon users, please by all means inflict statuses because without Apothecary mantle, a melee hit only has 1/3 chance (iirc) of inducing status.

Bad news for ranged weapon users

Only Fatty's chest and arms are weak to shot damage but breaking its head is important. Albeit ineffective, damage is still damage. The dilemma is should we target the head? I'll leave it to you.
Fortunately, there're other roles to play. As mentioned, ranged weapons have an advantage to inflict paralysis. The credit of the extra flinch shot from sleep also belongs to you. Additionally, the area provides other tools. I myself would take the initiative to use them. For example, I'll shoot the binders so that the others can hit the head in my stead. I think these roles can help compensate the shortness of contribution to head break.
THAT IS JUST ABOUT THE HEAD. Hitting the chest and arms is as effective as melee (same hzv). At the end of the day, it's all about killing Fatty and taking its hp away is always relevant.
  1. Black Fatalis Blade
  2. Bind/Draksplitter (FC)
  3. Bind/DraksplitteLightbreak/Alatreon Revolution
  4. Kjarr Fellsword "Decay"
Pre-Fatty 1. Bind/Draksplitter (FC) 2. Bind/Draksplitter 3. Lightbreak (Treat purple sharpness as bonus) 4. Alatreon Revolution 5. Kjarr Fellsword "Decay"
Sword & Shield
  1. True Fatalis Sword
  2. Bind/Drakfang (FC)
  3. Bind/Drakfang/Lightbreak/Alatreon Star
  4. Kjarr Slicer "Numb" (Switch to another SnS after one proc)
Pre-Fatty 1. Bind/Drakfang (FC) 2. Alatreon Star 3. Bind/Drakfang (Master's Touch) 4. Lightbreak (Treat purple sharpness as bonus) 5. Kjarr Slicer "Numb" (Protective Polish)
N.B. * Consider using Glider mantle, Airborne and Felyne Rider to mount Fatty once. If you use Numb to proc paralysis, you can topple Fatty once more.
Dual Blades
  1. Kjarr Daggers "Dragon"
  2. Fatalis Dual Skies (Weaker Blade Dance on Fatty's head and arms)
  3. Alatreon Madness
  4. Kjarr Daggers "Lurk" (I witnessed a hunter who caused paralysis twice so I think 2 procs are possible but switch back to dragon db afterwards.)
Pre-Fatty 1. Kjarr Daggers "Dragon" (Razor Sharp. No Clutch Claw Boost) 2. Drakclaws (Protective Polish. No Clutch Claw Boost) 3. Alatreon Madness 4. Kjarr Daggers "Lurk"
  1. Fatalis Demolisher
  2. Bind/DrakcrusheLightbreak/Alatreon Metamorph
  3. Bind/Drakcrusher (FC which I think is quite viable against Fatty. The Big Bang Combo is stronger than 2. even the finisher is at FC 1)
Pre-Fatty 1. Bind/Drakcrusher (FC) 2. Alatreon Metamorph 3. Bind/Drakcrusher (Master's Touch) 4. Lightbreak (Treat purple sharpness as bonus)
Hunting Horn
  1. Bind/Drakhorn
  2. Fatalis Menace Wailer
Pre-Fatty 1. Bind/Drakhorn (Protective Polish) 2. Bind/Drakhorn (Master's Touch)
N.B. * Attack Melody III is better than IV because of Defense Up and Wind Pressure Negated. The former helps survival; the latter negates the wind from Fatty when it's about to cast a nova. Although Knockback Negated can achieve the same, the duration is much shorter so it needs to be performed more frequently than Wind Pressure Negated. That's why I prioritize them.
  1. True Fatalis Lance
  2. Bind/Draksnout/Lightbreak/Alatreon Gleam/Kjarr Crest "Decay"
  3. Kjarr Crest "Paralysis" (Switch to another lance after one proc)
Pre-Fatty 1. Alatreon Gleam 2. Lightbreak (Treat purple sharpness as bonus) 3. Bind/Draksnout (Master's Touch) 4. Kjarr Crest "Paralysis" (Master's Touch)
N.B. * Like SnS, lancer users can mount and paralyze Fatty once.
  1. True Fatalis Gunlance (Remove Artillery and Capacity Boost to change it into a slaplance)
  2. Lightbreak
  3. Deathlance Vaal Spysa (3\)
  4. Kjarr Buster "Paralysis" (Use Wyrmstake to apply paralysis (4\))
Pre-Fatty 1. Bind/Drakbuster (Normal/Wide 7) 2. Lightbreak (Treat purple as bonus) 3. Deathlance Vaal Spysa (With Defense Augment (5\) instead of Divine Blessing 5)
N.B. * I personally felt comfier with Guard against Fatty instead of hopping.
Switch Axe
  1. True Fatalis End
  2. Bind/Drakaxe
  3. Black Harvest/Kjarr Axe "Decay" (Weaker zsd on Fatty's head because of power element phial)
Pre-Fatty 1. Bind/Drakaxe (Protective Polish since zsd doesn't consume sharpness afaik) 2. Bind/Drakaxe (Master's Touch) 3. Black Harvest 4. Kjarr Axe "Decay"
Charge Blade
  1. True Fatalis Charger
  2. Alatreon Morphblade/Kjarr Strongarm "Decay" (Phial explosions are stronger than 1. on Fatty's head but melee attacks are weaker)
  3. Bindshield/Lightbreak
Pre-Fatty 1. Alatreon Morphblade 2. Lightbreak (Treat purple sharpness as bonus) 3. Bindshield
N.B. * Speedrunners don't use Artillery on impact CB against Fatty solely because they primarily use rising slash and then overhead slash which don't cause phial explosions. Rising slash may send teammates flying so should be used cautiously. I think the main combo should include elemental discharge (6\) which is stronger with Artillery. * Guarding against Fatty's attacks is rather pointless because all attacks have large pushback. I personally dodged instead.
Insect Glaive
  1. True Fatalis Dyaus
  2. Bind/DrakspeaLightbreak
  3. Alatreon Embrace/Kjarr Glaive "Decay" (Need Dragon Attack to nearly match 2.)
  4. Kjarr Glaive "Paralysis" (Switch to another glaive after one proc)
Pre-Fatty 1. Bind/Drakspear (Master's Touch) 2. Alatreon Embrace 3. Kjarr Glaive "Decay" 4. Kjarr Glaive "Paralysis" (Protective Polish)
N.B. * Please mount Fatty. I think using an IG is the easiest to do it. Use Glider mantle, Airborne and Felyne Rider to help.
Light Bowgun
  1. Fatalis Depths (RF Spread 2)
  2. Drakshot (Spread 3)
  3. Taroth Blitz "Support" (RF Normal 2)
  4. Aquashot (Sticky 3. Need to shoot non-stop ideally at the head to produce sufficient damage)
  5. Drakshot (Slicing. In case you really want to hit the head. Provided all buffs are active, it can match Sticky 3. Reload Assists are for the situations when the auto-reload is obstructed.)
Pre-Fatty 1. Drakshot (Spread 3. No Clutch Claw Boost) 2. Taroth Blitz "Support" (RF Normal 2. No Spare Shot or Clutch Claw Boost) 3. Aquashot (Sticky 3)
N.B. * Although Maximum Might can be equipped so that shots may crit on the head, the damage is still lower than hitting the chest or arms. I think focusing on Fatty's weak points is more pragmatic. * Because of the lack of status ammo, Blizzard Gust is not recommended for spread even though it's the meta. * Conserve Wyvernblast until Fatty is being constrained or toppled and use it to damage its head.
Heavy Bowgun
  1. Vor Buster (Spread 3)
  2. Burstcannon(Spread 3)
  1. Bow of Vice & Violence
  2. Alatreon Commandment
  3. Kjarr Bow "Decay" (Clutch Claw Boost is replaced with Para Functionality)
Pre-Fatty 1. Alatreon Commandment (Critical Element + Element Conversion. Defense augments instead of Divine Blessing 5. 95% affinity. No Clutch Claw Boost or Fortify) 2. Kjarr Bow "Decay" (No Clutch Claw Boost)

Further experimentation

  • The Shield-Weaver set provides very high defense and good skills and slots. The set bonus further mitigates damage. For weapons that don't require so many skills (e.g. hammer), it may be a good alternative to Divine Blessing 5.
  • Because Adept Stormslinger is PS4 exclusive, its data is unavailable at honeyhunterworld. Whether it's a good for hitting Fatty's head is unknown.
  • Elemental builds haven't been explored because apparently Fatty is weaker to raw than element.

Summing up

As you can see, for many weapons, pre-Fatty are really poverty builds if Divine Blessing 5 is incorporated. Therefore, I strongly recommend you CRAFT FATTY'S ARMORS FIRST (7\) which are much more efficient than existing ones. This means spending the first or first two Evil Eyes on either the head or chest piece instead of a Fatty's weapon which needs 4. There are more weapon alternatives than armors.
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2020.11.29 00:07 kirant Covid-19 Update for November 28: 1,731 new cases, 1,012 recoveries, 5 deaths

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's media availability by Dr Deena Hinshaw. Dr Hinshaw's next availability will be Monday.
There are currently enhanced measures in effect for multiple regions of Alberta. This link provides a quick summary of which ones are in effect for different regions of Alberta.
Top line numbers:
  • For values where "Current" and "Total" are the same, I have left results under Total
Value Current Change Total
Total cases +1,731 54,836
Active cases 14,931 +714
Cases with "Unknown source" 7,785 (81.7%) in last 7 days +265 (-0.6%)
Tests +21,7421 (~7.96% positive) 2,211,110
People tested +9,307 1,455,291 (~337,107/million)
Hospitalizations 415 +10/+2 based on yesterday's post/portal data 1,817 (+63)
ICU 88 +2/+0 based on yesterday's post/portal data 325 (+9)
Deaths +5 (1x 70-79, 4x 80+) 524
Recoveries +1,012 39,381
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths (since yesterday):
  • All other values are compared with respect to yesterday
Zone Active Cases New People Tested Total New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 5,446 (+282) +3,822 587,970 +655 22,544 +2 194
Central 992 (+42) +773 125,419 +101 2,547 +0 15
Edmonton 6,968 (+354) +3,483 487,049 +812 22,163 +3 228
North 802 (+33) +788 137,925 +104 3,636 +0 45
South 627 (-7) +268 93,316 +45 3,743 +0 42
Unknown 96 (+10) +173 23,612 +14 203 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (change since yesterday) (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Calgary 18,673 (+542) 4,371 (+249) 14,127 (+291) 175 (+2)
Edmonton 18,283 (+624) 5,484 (+262) 12,585 (+359) 204 (+3)
Brooks 1,277 (+3) 43 (+1) 1,222 (+2) 12 (+0)
Lethbridge 956 (+19) 178 (-13) 771 (+32) 7 (+0)
Fort McMurray 710 (+23) 197 (+12) 511 (+11) 2 (+0)
High River county 619 (+5) 42 (+5) 570 (+0) 7 (+0)
Red Deer 501 (+26) 170 (+15) 331 (+11) 0
Grande Prairie 469 (+8) 70 (-2) 395 (+10) 4 (+0)
Mackenzie county 428 (+0) 5 (-1) 410 (+1) 13 (+0)
Medicine Hat 257 (+7) 108 (+3) 146 (+4) 3 (+0)
I.D. No 9 (Banff) 256 (+22) 186 (+8) 70 (+14) 0
Cardston county 161 (+0) 26 (-1) 130 (+1) 5 (+0)
Wheatland county 141 (+1) 20 (+0) 121 (+1) 0
Warner county 108 (+2) 25 (+1) 82 (+1) 1 (+0)
Wood Buffalo municipality 103 (+1) 25 (-4) 78 (+5) 0
Rest of Alberta 11,894 (+448) 3,981 (+179) 7,822 (+269) 91 (+0)
Municipalities with 10+ active cases is given at this link
Schools with outbreaks are listed online.
Quick numbers (since yesterday):
  • 89 schools are on Watch (+0)
  • 104 schools have 2-4 cases (+0)
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on yesterday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 137 (+0) 25 (+4)
Edmonton 208 (+9) 51 (+0)
Central 26 (+1) 5 (+0)
South 18 (-3) 5 (-1)
North 26 (+3) 5 (+2)
Additional information will be logged below:

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2020.11.28 17:49 tarkboi 0.0: Tom Brady's passer rating on deep throws over the past four games.

"There is now enough data to assert that the deep ball could be a limiting factor for Brady and the Bucs' offense this season. That was quite apparent in this past Monday's 27-24 loss to the Rams, when the quarterback didn't complete [even] one of his six deep attempts (passes of 20-plus air yards), throwing two interceptions in the process. One game is never enough of a sample size, but this is part of a larger trend for the 43-year-old.
Brady actually got off to a nice start in the downfield department in 2020. In Weeks 1-7, he completed 14 of 39 attempts (35.9%) for 505 yards (third-most in that span), with two touchdowns and zero interceptions. He averaged 12.9 yards per attempt on these throws, posting a 101.2 passer rating. But it's been a different story since the calendar flipped to November. Since Week 8, Brady is a staggering 0-for-19 on deep attempts, with three picks. And considering that his final three deep attempts in Week 7 fell incomplete, Brady's on a 0-for-22 skid. This is the longest streak of incomplete deep passes by any QB since 2017" -per's Cynthia Frelund
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2020.11.28 17:13 Agent_DZ-015 Allegheny County Update 11/28 - 27,484 Total Cases (+663 Cases, +26 Hospitalizations, +1 Death)

This is the COVID-19 Daily Update from the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) for November 28, 2020.
In the last 24 hours, 663 new cases were reported to the Health Department. Of these, 636 are confirmed cases from 3,145 new PCR tests. There are 27 probable cases. New cases range in age from 1 years to 101 years with a median age of 44 years. The dates of positive tests ranged from November 8 to November 27. Twenty-seven tests are more than a week old.
There was one new death reported. The date of death was November 26. The person was in their 70s.
For a current look at hospitalization data in Allegheny County (although not specific to Allegheny County residents), visit the state’s dashboard at Select the “Hospital Preparedness” tab from the bottom of the page and then choose Allegheny County from the dropdown.
The age groups of the newly-reported cases follow:
00-04 - 5
05-12 -23
13-18 - 31
19-24 - 60
25-49 -254
50-64 - 156
65+ - 134
The genders of the newly reported cases follow:
Female - 354
Male - 309
Since March 14, there have been 27,484 cases of COVID-19 in Allegheny County residents, 1,957 hospitalizations and 505 deaths.
submitted by Agent_DZ-015 to COVID19PGH [link] [comments]

2020.11.28 15:01 Adado Help in reading Traffic counts Data from a text file

Hello every one,
I work as a traffic planner and dealing with data related to traffic counts. where I live we have a system that manages the traffic lights called SCATS, This system generates very detailed traffic counts data in text files whereas this data is not sorted in a basic table format that can be easily read by python. I need help in the proper way to convert the text file to a python table.

Here is a sample of the data I have

The output table may have the following columns
date, time, approach, count

Wednesday, 01 August 2018 Approach 1, Detectors: 1-2 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: :15 97 83 48 45 40 16 25 52 154 174 137 157 :30 108 58 46 39 30 21 21 79 180 175 128 145 :45 92 50 50 43 23 23 28 139 187 121 170 147 :60 59 66 41 45 26 15 29 174 177 149 143 153 Hourly Total 356 257 185 172 119 75 103 444 698 619 578 602 AM Total: 4208 AM peak 718 08:15 - 09:15 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: :15 131 146 127 95 67 64 94 118 93 104 96 127 :30 122 109 95 65 91 89 76 86 95 131 112 123 :45 143 129 86 94 152 79 98 116 85 137 109 129 :60 132 92 101 93 84 106 83 89 96 114 124 116 Hourly Total 528 476 409 347 394 338 351 409 369 486 441 495 PM Total: 5043 PM peak 543 12:15 - 13:15 Daily Total 9251 Approach 2, Detectors: 3-5 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: :15 59 50 22 10 12 10 21 41 157 169 148 149 :30 62 34 12 13 26 7 21 60 186 169 126 153 :45 56 29 18 23 11 4 22 117 177 162 150 170 :60 43 32 17 13 4 8 30 189 191 157 154 167 Hourly Total 220 145 69 59 53 29 94 407 711 657 578 639 AM Total: 3661 AM peak 723 08:15 - 09:15 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: :15 136 161 145 129 96 81 145 144 109 118 80 66 :30 161 120 119 118 111 129 108 121 111 120 86 82 :45 143 146 123 129 134 92 134 127 130 107 69 82 :60 130 109 132 127 95 109 127 98 132 84 75 75 Hourly Total 570 536 519 503 436 411 514 490 482 429 310 305 PM Total: 5505 PM peak 595 12:15 - 13:15 Daily Total 9166 Approach 3, Detectors: 6-7 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: :15 213 121 57 60 49 20 32 120 333 302 244 263 :30 226 99 62 42 28 32 47 123 298 206 285 273 :45 139 80 67 28 26 18 64 216 270 276 236 245 :60 144 80 53 45 24 36 73 279 254 251 295 266 Hourly Total 722 380 239 175 127 106 216 738 1155 1035 1060 1047 AM Total: 7000 AM peak 1180 07:45 - 08:45 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: :15 273 224 257 274 307 320 333 285 234 271 225 263 :30 274 310 265 306 285 262 325 331 267 239 271 238 :45 253 252 257 246 284 328 329 271 272 235 264 197 :60 279 325 253 274 361 320 317 276 250 248 209 232 Hourly Total 1079 1111 1032 1100 1237 1230 1304 1163 1023 993 969 930 PM Total: 13171 PM peak 1307 17:45 - 18:45 Daily Total 20171 Approach 4, Detectors: 8-10 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: :15 194 110 57 54 35 21 20 125 414 424 283 359 :30 190 78 71 42 37 14 37 133 361 323 377 346 :45 129 80 46 37 29 19 42 292 333 359 284 367 :60 109 65 62 44 19 18 72 399 331 290 360 357 Hourly Total 622 333 236 177 120 72 171 949 1439 1396 1304 1429 AM Total: 8248 AM peak 1507 07:45 - 08:45 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: :15 329 292 277 362 396 385 405 328 367 339 242 247 :30 337 409 349 376 318 314 401 380 331 270 292 199 :45 316 323 333 319 353 347 396 336 331 245 279 191 :60 365 368 349 362 429 398 390 327 317 251 275 202 Hourly Total 1347 1392 1308 1419 1496 1444 1592 1371 1346 1105 1088 839 PM Total: 15747 PM peak 1600 17:45 - 18:45 Daily Total 23995 Approach 5, Detectors: 11-12 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: :15 35 19 13 10 2 4 10 41 85 93 73 93 :30 35 20 4 5 2 3 12 54 85 89 109 119 :45 28 16 8 5 1 3 25 75 104 104 65 88 :60 18 10 6 1 1 10 24 75 100 86 100 98 Hourly Total 116 65 31 21 6 20 71 245 374 372 347 398 AM Total: 2066 AM peak 400 10:45 - 11:45 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: :15 94 95 109 90 79 75 84 60 68 62 61 41 :30 98 53 87 94 87 100 83 71 65 48 55 41 :45 97 104 87 80 45 80 69 75 77 52 50 39 :60 95 95 82 96 49 98 64 72 59 65 42 29 Hourly Total 384 347 365 360 260 353 300 278 269 227 208 150 PM Total: 3501 PM peak 395 13:30 - 14:30 Daily Total 5567 Approach 6, Detectors: 13-15 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: :15 40 28 19 12 3 3 12 54 139 126 116 113 :30 42 30 7 10 4 5 11 73 110 122 135 144 :45 34 21 10 4 5 5 25 95 141 141 108 100 :60 25 12 7 5 4 10 32 116 138 113 132 147 Hourly Total 141 91 43 31 16 23 80 338 528 502 491 504 AM Total: 2788 AM peak 528 08:00 - 09:00 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: :15 116 113 142 116 108 112 113 85 89 89 80 52 :30 142 88 124 128 128 133 122 90 85 61 74 57 :45 139 152 112 111 55 118 94 104 109 76 71 52 :60 136 112 128 136 96 121 83 81 86 83 50 41 Hourly Total 533 465 506 491 387 484 412 360 369 309 275 202 PM Total: 4793 PM peak 533 12:00 - 13:00 Daily Total 7581 Approach 7, Detectors: 16-17 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: :15 123 103 130 117 131 111 124 115 130 154 177 174 :30 133 113 128 131 105 128 118 93 136 147 143 150 :45 119 125 124 154 138 103 135 100 135 101 174 169 :60 115 99 120 143 126 118 128 133 75 160 124 139 Hourly Total 490 440 502 545 500 460 505 441 476 562 618 632 AM Total: 6171 AM peak 654 09:45 - 10:45 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: :15 179 168 201 207 227 186 147 191 137 133 139 125 :30 131 129 197 200 204 158 157 175 172 142 145 122 :45 186 156 201 236 180 220 148 157 139 111 110 105 :60 154 192 196 245 185 146 143 149 145 167 122 125 Hourly Total 650 645 795 888 796 710 595 672 593 553 516 477 PM Total: 7890 PM peak 912 15:30 - 16:30 Daily Total 14061 Approach 8, Detectors: 18-20 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: :15 119 80 50 50 29 15 36 85 147 199 236 226 :30 120 70 36 42 25 13 33 110 169 212 199 204 :45 114 74 36 56 18 28 67 114 164 178 242 229 :60 90 62 53 48 17 26 78 166 169 215 182 226 Hourly Total 443 286 175 196 89 82 214 475 649 804 859 885 AM Total: 5157 AM peak 892 09:45 - 10:45 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: :15 243 262 282 262 310 286 220 235 191 185 186 152 :30 196 222 290 254 321 215 247 191 228 194 174 138 :45 256 242 248 337 252 291 251 195 171 146 143 136 :60 211 253 273 274 244 224 202 184 214 180 172 124 Hourly Total 906 979 1093 1127 1127 1016 920 805 804 705 675 550 PM Total: 10707 PM peak 1242 15:30 - 16:30 Daily Total 15864 Thursday, 02 August 2018 Approach 1, Detectors: 1-2 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: :15 110 90 42 44 40 19 16 53 171 165 120 145 :30 100 67 44 35 39 26 28 87 186 155 159 163 :45 109 67 45 33 23 18 46 138 153 130 153 142 :60 65 60 41 60 23 23 40 163 203 168 148 149 Hourly Total 384 284 172 172 125 86 130 441 713 618 580 599 AM Total: 4304 AM peak 713 08:00 - 09:00 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: :15 104 91 124 139 65 93 106 121 135 142 111 130 :30 130 93 121 99 81 110 131 150 155 137 124 113 :45 129 124 119 126 78 117 92 154 120 146 103 118 :60 99 123 83 112 71 101 136 114 127 119 120 124 Hourly Total 462 431 447 476 295 421 465 539 537 544 458 485 PM Total: 5560 PM peak 561 18:45 - 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2020.11.27 21:13 funkplow [Giveaway] Multiple VR Games

I have 4 VR games from the humble bundle that I already have.

1 entry per game (multiple entries allowed for different games within the same post i.e. 24, 163, 297, 382)
Random number generator will be used.
Draw will be done on Monday November 30th.

Comment on a number from the following:
1- 100 Killing floor incursion
101 - 200 Creed - Rise to glory
201 - 300 - I expect you to die
301 - 400 - Raw data
Good luck!
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2020.11.27 19:58 CuteBananaMuffin Fluoride is even worse than what we thought

by Andreas Schuld 9-19-2006 from Rense Website
About the Author .
Andreas Schuld is head of Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children (PFPC), an organization of parents whose children have been poisoned by excessive fluoride intake. The group includes educators, artists, scientists, journalists and authors, lawyers, researchers and nutritionists. It is active in worldwide efforts to have the toxicity of fluoride properly assessed. For further information, visit their website at
In 1999 the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a glowing report on the fluoridation of public water supplies, citing the procedure as one of the century's great public health successes.1
Ironically, the same report hints that the alleged benefit from fluorides may not be due to ingestion:
"Fluoride's caries-preventive properties initially were attributed to changes in enamel during tooth development because of the association between fluoride and cosmetic changes in enamel and a belief that fluoride incorporated into enamel during tooth development would result in a more acid-resistant mineral."
The CDC report then acknowledges new studies which indicate that the effects are "topical" rather than "systemic."
"However, laboratory and epidemiologic research suggests that fluoride prevents dental caries predominately after eruption of the tooth into the mouth, and its actions primarily are topical for both adults and children."
The obvious question is this: How can the CDC consider the addition of fluoride to public water supplies to be a public health success while admitting at the same time that fluoride's benefits are not "systemic," in other words, are not obtained from drinking it?
The truth, now becoming increasingly evident, is that fluoridation and the proclaimed benefit of fluoride as a way of preventing dental decay is perhaps the greatest "scientific" fraud ever perpetrated upon an unsuspecting public.
Even worse, the relentless promotion of fluoride as a "dental benefit" is responsible for the huge neglect in proper assessment of its toxicity, an issue that has become a major concern for many nations. As there is no substance as biochemically active in the human organism as fluoride, excessive total intake of fluoride compounds might well be contributing to many diseases currently afflicting mankind, particularly those involving thyroid dysfunction. In the United States, most citizens are kept entirely ignorant of any adverse effect that might occur from exposure to fluorides.
Dental fluorosis, the first visible sign that fluoride poisoning has occurred, is declared a mere "cosmetic effect" by the dental profession, although the "biochemical events which result in dental fluorosis are still unknown."2,3,4 The quantity of fluoride needed to prevent caries but avoid dental fluorosis is also unknown.5
What is Fluoride? Fluoride is any combination of elements containing the fluoride ion. In its elemental form, fluorine is a pale yellow, highly toxic and corrosive gas. In nature, fluorine is found combined with minerals as fluorides. It is the most chemically active nonmetallic element of all the elements and also has the most reactive electro-negative ion. Because of this extreme reactivity, fluorine is never found in nature as an uncombined element.
Fluorine is a member of group VIIa of the periodic table. It readily displaces other halogens--such as chlorine, bromine and iodine--from their mineral salts. With hydrogen it forms hydrogen fluoride gas which, in a water solution, becomes hydrofluoric acid.
There was no US commercial production of fluorine before World War II. A requirement for fluorine in the processing of uranium ores, needed for the atomic bomb, prompted its manufacture.6
Fluorine compounds or fluorides are listed by the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) as among the top 20 of 275 substances that pose the most significant threat to human health.7 In Australia, the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) recently considered 400 substances for inclusion on the NPI reporting list. A risk ranking was given based on health and environmental hazard identification and human and environmental exposure to the substance. Some substances were grouped together at the same rank to give a total of 208 ranks. Fluoride compounds were ranked 27th out of the 208 ranks.8
Fluorides, hydrogen fluoride and fluorine have been found in at least 130, 19, and 28 sites, respectively, of 1,334 National Priorities List sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).9 Consequently, under the provisions of the Superfund Act (CRECLA, 1986), a compilation of information about fluorides, hydrogen fluoride and fluorine and their effects on health was required. This publication appeared in 1993.9
Fluorides are cumulative toxins. The fact that fluorides accumulate in the body is the reason that US law requires the Surgeon General to set a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for fluoride content in public water supplies as determined by the EPA. This requirement is specifically aimed at avoiding a condition known as Crippling Skeletal Fluorosis (CSF), a disease thought to progress through three stages. The MCL, designed to prevent only the third and crippling stage of this disease, is set at 4ppm or 4mg per liter. It is assumed that people will retain half of this amount (2mg), and therefore 4mg per liter is deemed "safe." Yet a daily dose of 2-8mg is known to cause the third crippling stage of CSF.10,11
In 1998 EPA scientists, whose job and legal duty it is to set the Maximum Contaminant Level, declared that this 4ppm level was set fraudulently by outside forces in a decision that omitted 90 percent of the data showing the mutagenic properties of fluoride.12
The Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, 5th Edition (1984) gives lead a toxicity rating of 3 to 4 (3 = moderately toxic, 4 = very toxic) and the EPA has set 0.015 ppm as the MCL for lead in drinking water--with a goal of 0.0ppm. The toxicity rating for fluoride is 4, yet the MCL for fluoride is currently set at 4.0ppm, over 250 times the permissible level for lead.
Water Fluoridation
In 1939 a dentist named H. Trendley Dean, working for the U.S. Public Health Service, examined water from 345 communities in Texas. Dean determined that high concentrations of fluoride in the water in these areas corresponded to a high incidence of mottled teeth. This explained why dentists in the area found mottled teeth in so many of their patients. Dean also claimed that there was a lower incidence of dental cavities in communities having about 1 ppm fluoride in the water supply. Among the native residents of these areas about 10 percent developed the very mildest forms of mottled enamel ("dental fluorosis"), which Dean and others described as "beautiful white teeth."
Dean's report led to the initiation of artificial fluoridation of drinking water at 1part-per-million (ppm) in order to supply the "optimal dose" of 1mg fluoride per day--assuming that drinking four glasses of water every day would duplicate Dean's "optimal" intake for most people. Now, according to the American Dental Association, all people, rich or poor, could have "beautiful white teeth" and be free of caries at the same time. After all, the benefits of water fluoridation had been documented "beyond any doubt."13
When other scientists investigated Dean's data, they did not reach the same conclusions. In fact, Dean had engaged in "selective use of data," using findings from 21 cities that supported his case while completely disregarding data from 272 other locations that did not show a correlation.14 In court cases Dean was forced to admit under oath that his data were invalid.15 In 1957 he had to admit at AMA hearings that even waters containing a mere 0.1ppm (0.1 mg/l) could cause dental fluorosis, the first visible sign of fluoride overdose.16 Moreover, there is not one single double-blind study to indicate that fluoridation is effective in reducing cavities.17
So What's the Truth About Tooth Decay?
The truth is that more and more evidence shows that fluorides and dental fluorosis are actually associated with increased tooth decay. The most comprehensive US review was carried out by the National Institute of Dental Research on 39,000 school children aged 5-17 years.18 It showed no significant differences in terms of DMF (decayed, missing and filled teeth).
What it did show was that high decay cities (66.5-87.5 percent) have 9.34 percent more decay in the children who drink fluoridated water. Furthermore, a 5.4 percent increase in students with decay was observed when 1 ppm fluoride was added to the water supply. Nine fluoridated cities with high decay had 10 percent more decay than nine equivalent non-fluoridated cities.
The world's largest study on dental caries, which looked at 400,000 students, revealed that decay increased 27 percent with a 1ppm fluoride increase in drinking water.19 In Japan, fluoridation caused decay increases of 7 percent in 22,000 students,20 while in the US a decay increase of 43 percent occured in 29,000 students when 1ppm fluoride was added to drinking water.21
Dental Fluorosis: A "Cosmetic" Defect? Dental fluorosis is a condition caused by an excessive intake of fluorides, characterized mainly by mottling of the enamel (which starts as "white spots"), although the bones and virtually every organ might also be affected due to fluoride's known anti-thyroid characteristics. Dental fluorosis can only occur during the stage of enamel formation and is therefore a sign that an overdose of fluoride has occurred in a child during that period.
Dental fluorosis has been described as a subsurface enamel hypomineralization, with porosity of the tooth positively correlated with the degree of fluorosis.22 It is characterized by diffuse opacities and under-mineralized enamel. Although identical enamel defects occur in cases of thyroid dysfunction, the dental profession describes the defect as merely "cosmetic" when it is caused by exposure to fluoride.
What is now becoming apparent is that this "cosmetic" defect actually predisposes to tooth decay. In 1988 Duncan23 stated that hypoplastic defects have a strong potential to become carious. In 1989, Silberman,24 evaluating the same data on Head Start children, wrote that "preliminary data indicate that the presence of primary canine hypoplasia [enamel defects] may result in an increased potential for the tooth becoming carious."
In 1996 Li 25 wrote that children with enamel hypoplasia demonstrated a significantly higher caries experience than those who did not have such defects and, further, that the "presence of enamel hypoplasia may be a predisposing factor for initiation and progression of dental caries, and a predictor of high caries susceptibility in a community." In 1996 Ellwood & O'Mullane26 stated that "developmental enamel defects may be useful markers of caries susceptibility, which should be considered in the risk-benefit assessment for use of fluoride."
Currently up to 80 percent of US children suffer from some degree of dental fluorosis, while in Canada the figure is up to 71 percent. A prevalence of 80.9 percent was reported in children 12-14 years old in Augusta, Georgia, the highest prevalence yet reported in an "optimally" fluoridated community in the United States. Moderate-to-severe fluorosis was found in 14 percent of the children.27
Before the push for fluoridation began, the dental profession recognized that fluorides were not beneficial but detrimental to dental health. In 1944, the Journal of the American Dental Association reported: "With 1.6 to 4 ppm fluoride in the water, 50 percent or more past age 24 have false teeth because of fluoride damage to their own."28
The Wonder Nutrient? On countless internet sites, fluoride is proclaimed as the "wonder nutrient," the "deficiency" symptom being increased dental caries.29 It boggles the mind that a cumulative toxin and toxic waste product can be described a "nutrient." Nevertheless, such claims are repeatedly made by pro-fluoridationists.30
On March 16, 1979, the FDA deleted paragraphs 105.3(c) and 105.85(d)(4) of Federal Register documents which had classified fluorine, among other substances, as "essential" or "probably essential." Since that time, nowhere in the Federal Regulations is fluoride classified as "essential" or "probably essential." These deletions were the immediate result of 1978 Court deliberations.31 No essential function for fluoride has ever been proven in humans.32,33,34,35,36
"Nature Thought of It First"
A popular slogan employed by the ADA and other pro-fluoridation organizations is, "Nature thought of it first!" The slogan creates the impression that the fluoridation compounds used in water fluoridation are the same as those discovered many years ago in the water in some areas of the US.37 The fluoride compound in "naturally" fluoridated waters is calcium fluoride. Sodium fluoride, a common fluoridation agent, dissolves easily in water, but calcium fluoride does not.9
Animal studies performed by Kick and others in 1935 revealed that sodium fluoride was much more toxic than calcium fluoride.38 Even worse, toxicity was recorded for hydrofluorosilicic acid, the compound now used in over 90 percent of fluoridation programs, Hydrofluorosilicic acid is a direct byproduct of pollution scrubbers used in the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries. Our government adds it to water supplies even though it is also involved in getting rid of its own stockpile of fluoride compounds left over from years and years of stockpiling fluorides for use in the process of refining uranium for nuclear power and weapons.39
In the Kick study, less than 2 percent of calcium fluoride was absorbed and this was excreted quantitatively in the urine. But even calcium fluoride is not benign. As the animals given calcium fluoride also developed mottled teeth, it was clear that such compounds could produce changes on the teeth merely by passing through the body, and not by being "stored in a tooth" or anywhere else. No calcium fluoride was retained.
In 1946 Samuel Chase, one of the authors of the Kick study, became president of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). This organization promoted the idea that only the fluoride ion in the various fluoridation compounds was of importance. Yet he well knew that sodium fluoride did not behave like calcium fluoride. Unlike calcium fluoride, sodium fluoride was retained in great amounts in the body and was very toxic. Rock phosphate and hydro-fluorosilicic acid experiments yielded the same information.
New areas with "natural" fluoride are appearing all over the world, as now all areas not "artificially" fluoridated are considered "natural." The problem is that this "natural" fluoride is the result of direct water and soil contamination from petrochemical land treatment, uncontrolled fertilizer use, pesticide applications, ground water contamination from industrial waste sites, rocket fuel "burial grounds," and so forth. Suddenly we have "natural" fluorides showing up in areas previously deemed "fluoride deficient"!
Total Intake
It is well established that it is TOTAL fluoride intake from ALL sources which must be considered for any adverse health effect evaluation.40,41,42 This includes intake by ingestion, inhalation and absorption through the skin. In 1971, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated:
"In the assessment of the safety of a water supply with respect to the fluoride concentration, the total daily fluoride intake by the individual must be considered."41
Exposure to airborne fluorides from many diverse manufacturing processes--pesticide applications, phosphate fertilizer production, aluminum smelting, uranium enrichment facilities, coal-burning and nuclear power plants, incinerators, glass etching, petroleum refining and vehicle emissions--can be considerable.
In addition, many people consume fluorine-based medications such as Prozac, which greatly adds to fluoride's anti-thyroid effects. ALL fluoride compounds--organic and inorganic--have been shown to exert anti-thyroid effects, often potentiating fluoride effects many fold.43
Household exposures to fluorides can occur with the use of Teflon pans, fluorine-based products, insecticides sprays and even residual airborne fluorides from fluoridated drinking water. Decision-makers at 3M Corporation recently announced a phase-out of Scotchgard products after discovering that the product's primary ingredient--a fluorinated compound called perfluorooctanyl sulfonate (PFOS)--was found in all tested blood bank examinations.44 3M's research showed that the substance had strong tendencies to persist and bio-accumulate in animal and human tissue.
In 1991 the US Public Health Service issued a report stating that the range in total daily fluoride intake from water, dental products, beverages and food items exceeded 6.5 milligrams daily.42 Thus, the total intake from those sources alone already greatly exceeds the levels known to cause the third stage of skeletal fluorosis.
Besides fluoridated water and toothpaste, many foods contain high levels of flouride compounds due to pesticide applications. One of the worse offenders is grapes.45 Grape juice was found to contain more than 6.8 ppm fluoride. The EPA estimates total fluoride intake from pesticide residues on food and fluoridated drinking water alone to be 0.095 mg/kg/day, meaning a person weighing 70 kg takes in more than 6.65 mg per day.45b Soy infant formula is high in both fluoride and aluminum, far surpassing the "optimal" dose46,47 and has been shown to be a risk factor in dental fluorosis.48
In their drive to fluoridate the public water supplies, dental health officials continue to pretend that no other sources of fluoride exist. This notion becomes absurd when one looks at the fluoride content in tea. Tea is very high in fluoride because tea leaves accumulate more fluoride (from pollution of soil and air) than any other edible plant.49,50,51 It is well established that fluoride in tea gets absorbed by the body in a manner similar to the fluoride in drinking water.49,52
Fluoride content in tea has risen dramatically over the last 20 years due to industry contamination. Recent analyses have revealed a fluoride content of 17.25 mg per teabag or cup in black tea, and a whopping 22 mg of soluble fluoride ions per teabag or cup in green tea. Aluminum content was also high--over 8 mg. Normal steeping time is five minutes. The longer a tea bag steeped, the more fluoride and aluminum were released. After ten minutes, the measurable amounts of fluoride and aluminum almost doubled.53
A website by a pro-fluoridation infant medical group states that a cup of black tea contains 7.8 mgs of fluoride54 which is the equivalent amount of fluoride from 7.8 liters of water in an area fluoridated at 1ppm. Some British and African studies from the 1990s showed a daily fluoride intake of between 5.8 mgs and 9 mgs a day from tea alone.55, 56, 57 Tea has been found to be a primary cause of dental fluorosis in many international studies.58-70
In Britain, over three-quarters of the population over the age of ten years consumes three cups of tea per day.71Yet the UK government and the British Dental Association are currently contemplating fluoridation of public water supplies! In Ireland, average tea consumption is four cups per day and the drinking water is heavily fluoridated.
Next to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Tea can be found in almost 80 percent of all US households and on any given day, nearly 127 million people--half of all Americans--drink tea.71
The high content of both aluminum and fluoride in tea is cause for great concern as aluminum greatly potentiates fluoride's effects on G protein activation,72 the on/off switches involved in cell communication and of absolute necessity in thyroid hormone function and regulation.
Fluoride and the Thyroid The recent re-discovery of hundreds of papers dealing with the use of fluorides in effective anti-thyroid medication poses many questions demanding answers.73,74 The enamel defects observed in hypothyroidism are identical to "dental fluorosis." Endemic fluorosis areas have been shown to be the same as those affected with iodine deficiency, considered to be the world's single most important and preventable cause of mental retardation,75 affecting 740 million people a year.
Iodine deficiency causes brain disorders, cretinism, miscarriages and goiter, among many other diseases. Synthroid, the drug most commonly prescribed for hypothyroidism, became the top selling drug in the US in 1999, according to Scott-Levin's Source Prescription Audit, clearly indicating that hypothyroidism is a major health problem. Many more millions are thought to have undiagnosed thyroid problems.
Every year hundreds and thousands of tons of fluorides are emitted by industry. Industrial emissions of fluoride compounds produce elevated concentrations in the atmosphere. Hydrogen fluoride can exist as a particle, dissolving in clouds, fog, rain, dew, or snow. In clouds and moist air it will travel along the air currents until it is deposited as wet acid deposition (acid rain, acid fog, etc.) In waterways it readily mixes with water.
Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), emitted by the electric power industry, is now among six greenhouse gases specifically targeted by the international community, through the Kyoto protocol, for emission reductions to control global warming. The others are carbon dioxide, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), methane and nitrous oxide (N2O).
SF6 is about 23,900 times more destructive, pound for pound, than carbon dioxide over the course of 100 years. EPA estimates that some seven-million metric tons of carbon equivalent (MMTCE) escaped from electric power systems in 1996 alone. The concentration of SF6 in the atmosphere has reportedly increased by two orders of magnitude since 1970. Atmospheric models have indicated that the lifetime of an SF6 molecule in the atmosphere may be over 3000 years.76
The ever-increasing fluoride levels in food, water and air pose a great threat to human health and to the environment as evidenced by the endemic of fluorosis worldwide. It is of utmost urgency that public health officials cease promoting fluoride as beneficial to our health and address instead the issue of its toxicity.
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  41. World Health Organization, International Drinking Water Standards, 1971."In the assessment of the safety of a water supply with respect to the fluoride concentration, the total daily fluoride intake by the individual must be considered. Apart from variations in climatic conditions, it is well known that in certain areas, fluoride containing foods form an important part of the diet. The facts should be borne in mind in deciding the concentration of fluoride to be permitted in drinking water."
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Symptoms of Fluoride Poisoning
· Black tarry stools · Bloody vomit · Faintness · Nausea and vomiting · Shallow breathing · Stomach cramps or pain · Tremors · Unusual excitement · Unusual increase in saliva · Watery eyes · Weakness · Constipation · Loss of appetite · Pain and aching of bones · Skin rash · Sores in the mouth and on the lips · Stiffness · Weight loss · White, brown or black discoloration of teeth
Long Term Effects of Fluoride
· Accelerated aging · Immune system dysfunction · Compromised collagen synthesis · Cartilage problems · Bony outgrowths in the spine · Joint "lock-up"
G Proteins
Signals or communications from one cell to another, and from the outside of the cell to the inside, are made possible by the action of special proteins called "G" proteins, which are found in all animal life, including yeasts. G proteins are so called because they bind to guanine nucleotides, a major component of DNA and RNA. G proteins mediate the actions of neurotransmitters, peptide hormones, odorants and light. In other words, G proteins make it possible for our nervous systems to function properly and, in particular, allow for night vision and the sense of smell.
All thyroid function is mediated by G-protein activity. Both aluminum and fluoride interfere with the activation of G proteins. Thyrotropin, the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), is considered the natural G-protein activator. Its action is mimicked by fluoride and vastly potentiated by the presence of aluminum. Pharmacologists estimate that up to 60 percent of all medicines used today exert their effects through G-protein signaling pathways. Vitamin A from cod liver oil has been used successfully to bypass blocked G-protein pathways due to vaccination damage. (See Autism and Vaccinations.)
Myristic acid, a saturated fatty acid having 14 carbons, plays an important roll in G-protein function as these signaling proteins require myristic acid added to one end of the protein. (See Kidney Fats.) Thus, diets deficient in vitamin A and saturated fats can be expected to contribute to nervous disorders and vision problems.
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2020.11.27 16:03 CovidMdBot 11/27/2020 In the last 24 hours there have been 2,378 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maryland. There has now been a total of 192,858 confirmed cases.

SUMMARY (11/27/2020)
Metric 24 HR Total Prev 7 Day Avg Today vs 7 Day Avg
Number of Tests 47,304 41,432 +14.2%
Number of Positive Tests 2,832 2,621 +8.0%
Percent Positive Tests 5.99% 6.38% -6.1%
Percent Positive Less Retests 12.94% 13.35% -3.1%
State Reported 7-day Rolling Positive Testing Percent: 6%
Testing metrics are distinct from case metrics as an individual may be tested multiple times.
Percent Positive Less Retests is calculated as New Confirmed Cases / (New Confirmed Cases + Number of persons tested negative).
Metric 24 HR Total Prev 7 Day Avg Today vs 7 Day Avg Total to Date
Number of confirmed cases 2,378 2,250 +5.7% 192,858
Number of confirmed deaths 22 25 -10.5% 4,414
Number of probable deaths 0 0 -100.0% 155
Number of persons tested negative 16,000 14,559 +9.9% 2,112,687
Ever hospitalized 232 164 +41.7% 20,512
Released from isolation 4 17 -76.7% 8,565
Total testing volume 47,320 41,436 +14.2% 4,335,442
Metric Total 24 HR Delta Prev 7 Day Avg Delta Delta vs 7 Day Avg
Currently hospitalized 1,435 -18 +37 -148.3%
Acute care 1,092 -22 +26 -184.6%
Intensive care 343 +4 +11 -64.6%
The Currently hospitalized metric appears to be the sum of the Acute care and Intensive care metrics.
Cases and Deaths Data Breakdown
County Total Cases Change Cases/100,000 (7 Day Avg) Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
Allegany 2,962 132 160.7 (↑) 64 0 0 0
Anne Arundel 16,297 183 30.7 (↑) 286 0 12 0
Baltimore City 23,955 273 46.8 (↑) 538 4 20 0
Baltimore County 28,504 358 41.0 (↑) 701 4 25 0
Calvert 1,537 9 13.9 (→) 35 0 1 0
Caroline 938 19 33.3 (↑) 10 0 0 0
Carroll 3,222 48 21.1 (↓) 132 0 3 0
Cecil 2,023 44 25.0 (↓) 39 0 3 0
Charles 4,254 70 25.5 (↑) 103 0 2 0
Dorchester 996 8 25.2 (↑) 15 0 0 0
Frederick 6,575 90 31.4 (↑) 138 0 8 0
Garrett 682 25 106.2 (↓) 4 0 0 0
Harford 5,875 70 35.7 (↓) 91 0 4 0
Howard 7,917 114 32.7 (↑) 133 0 6 0
Kent 428 3 23.8 (↓) 23 0 2 0
Montgomery 32,601 342 26.9 (↑) 902 5 42 0
Prince George's 40,479 384 37.6 (↓) 898 2 25 0
Queen Anne's 1,061 12 18.2 (↓) 26 0 1 0
Somerset 823 13 94.4 (↑) 8 0 0 0
St. Mary's 2,063 35 23.3 (↓) 61 0 0 0
Talbot 801 8 24.3 (↑) 7 0 0 0
Washington 4,074 92 55.6 (↓) 69 0 0 0
Wicomico 3,348 43 36.8 (↑) 59 0 0 0
Worcester 1,443 3 10.2 (↓) 36 1 1 0
Data not available 0 0 0.0 (→) 36 6 0 0
Demographic Total Cases Change Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
0-9 7,986 100 0 0 0 0
10-19 17,150 203 3 0 0 0
20-29 36,750 475 26 0 1 0
30-39 34,508 411 53 0 6 0
40-49 30,373 378 140 0 3 0
50-59 28,403 347 357 2 17 0
60-69 18,818 228 706 4 15 0
70-79 10,858 133 1,106 4 28 0
80+ 8,012 103 2,021 12 85 0
Data not available 0 0 2 0 0 0
Female 101,551 1,260 2,158 8 78 0
Male 91,307 1,118 2,256 14 77 0
Sex Unknown 0 0 0 0 0 0
Race Total Cases Change Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
African-American (NH) 57,903 662 1,733 8 57 0
White (NH) 57,735 885 1,947 9 79 0
Hispanic 37,099 257 481 0 13 0
Asian (NH) 3,795 65 158 0 6 0
Other (NH) 8,816 73 50 0 0 0
Data not available 27,510 436 45 5 0 0
MAP (11/27/2020)
MAP 7 DAY AVERAGE OF NEW CASES PER 100,000 (11/27/2020)
TOTAL MD CASES (11/27/2020)
I am a bot. I was created to reproduce the useful daily reports from u/Bautch.
Image uploads are hosted on Imgur and will expire if not viewed within the last six months.
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2020.11.27 14:12 habom81 Reddit black friday photography

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2020.11.27 10:06 Setephay In-game completion

Ok so IDK if I'm the only one or this discussion was already made but I do this cuz maybe someone from the devs are watching this sub and maybe they will see it and if I'm not the only one with this problem that would be even better.
My main problem is the map completion, I spent about 6 hours yesterday in order to make 100% completion on Starfall Valley.
2 shrines, 6 teleporters, 2 statues of the seven, 3 abyssal domain, 14 anemoculus, 100(maybe 101) common chests, 40 exquisite chests, 2 luxurious chests, 3 items, 3 precious chests, 12 seelies, I lost count on the chests but the numbers may be 1-2 off. I killed everything that I saw and collet everything that was shiny.
I used 3 different sites with interactive maps to be sure I don't miss anything and in the end, after 6 hours I have 94% completion. Is that much it's just 1 thing I don't know and even if I knew, which one is it and where is it.
And this is my problem, my gf has the same frustration cuz she missed things and now it's just frustrating to look all over the map again just for that one chest you missed cuz you were running for your life low hp and a ruin guard decided to throw some rockets at you.
They store your data and they could build an achievement system where you could see:
Common chest area X: "you collected x% chests in area x"
Teleporters: "teleporter x locked"
Farming: "x/y ingredients found"
and many more.
They could create an app (or let others do that) where you could connect with your game account and that app could collect your data from the game and you could see exactly what you missed and where. Cuz there are already a lot of apps that tell you where to find anything and let you track manually your progress but why not just collect your data from the game and track everything automated?
submitted by Setephay to Genshin_Impact [link] [comments]

2020.11.27 05:28 BlackMod_Net Game APK: Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG Hack Mod for ANDROID

Game APK: Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG Hack Mod for ANDROID
Version:1.101.1 Root needed:NO Internet required:YES Size:104 MB Price:Free Support:Android Categories:Action Game CHPlay URL:here

FREE Features

  3. ONE HIT

VIP Features

  3. ONE HIT
  5. NO ADS
  1. Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage & phone permissions in the app settings first Go to Setting => App manager => Find game => Click it to enable
NOTE: VIP MEMBER USE ANDROID 10 : Then enable the storage & phone permissions. Play game but get crash. PLEASE COPY blackmod.license files AND PUT IT IN sdcard/Android/data/com.goplaytoday.guildofheroes ******* That mean u need put two blackmod.license files (1 in sdcard and 1 in sdcard/Android/data/com.goplaytoday.guildofheroes

Credits: Legend - BlackMod Team

submitted by BlackMod_Net to u/BlackMod_Net [link] [comments]

2020.11.27 00:45 kirant Covid-19 Update for November 26: 1,077 new cases, 734 recoveries, 10 deaths + Announcement of Rapid Test Deployment

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's media availability by Dr Deena Hinshaw and Minister of Health Tyler Shandro. Dr Hinshaw will be available every day this week for updates and questions.
There are currently enhanced measures in effect for multiple regions of Alberta. This link provides a quick summary of which ones are in effect for different regions of Alberta.
Top line numbers:
  • For values where "Current" and "Total" are the same, I have left results under Total
Value Current Change Total
Total cases +1,077 51,878
Active cases 14,052 +333
Cases with "Unknown source" 7,565 (83.4%) in last 7 days -233 (-2.3%)
Tests +15,994 (~6.73% positive) 2,173,038
People tested +6,510 1,439,367 (~333,418/million)
Hospitalizations 383 +28/+20 based on yesterday's post/portal data 1,713 (+35)
ICU 84 +13/+9 based on yesterday's post/portal data 308 (+3)
Deaths +10 (1x 70-79, 9x 80+) 510
Recoveries +734 37,316
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths (since yesterday):
  • All other values are compared with respect to yesterday
Zone Active Cases New People Tested Total New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 5,126 (+98) +2,800 581,817 +421 21,474 +2 190
Central 947 (+71) +905 123,998 +117 2,379 +0 14
Edmonton 6,444 (+176) +1,931 480,870 +459 20,711 +6 221
North 789 (-16) +304 136,718 +39 3,485 +1 45
South 664 (+8) +467 92,671 +44 3,658 -1 40
Unknown 82 (-4) +103 23,293 -3 171 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (change since yesterday) (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Calgary 17,814 (+312) 4,100 (+65) 13,542 (+246) 172 (+1)
Edmonton 17,128 (+367) 5,071 (+135) 11,859 (+229) 198 (+3)
Brooks 1,274 (+2) 42 (-1) 1,220 (+3) 12 (+0)
Lethbridge 920 (+10) 195 (+6) 718 (+4) 7 (+0)
Fort McMurray 673 (+13) 179 (+1) 492 (+12) 2 (+0)
High River county 609 (+6) 34 (+4) 568 (+2) 7 (+0)
Red Deer 462 (+23) 158 (+9) 304 (+14) 0
Grande Prairie 459 (+0) 76 (-9) 379 (+9) 4 (+0)
Mackenzie county 428 (+0) 7 (+0) 408 (+0) 13 (+0)
Medicine Hat 240 (+9) 102 (+2) 135 (+6) 3 (+1)
I.D. No 9 (Banff) 212 (+18) 170 (+17) 42 (+1) 0
Cardston county 161 (+4) 38 (+4) 118 (+0) 5 (+0)
Wheatland county 139 (+1) 20 (-2) 119 (+3) 0
Warner county 103 (+0) 21 (-1) 80 (+1) 1 (+0)
Wood Buffalo municipality 101 (+2) 28 (+2) 73 (+0) 0
Rest of Alberta 11,155 (+310) 3,811 (+101) 7,528 (+204) 86 (+5)
Municipalities with 10+ active cases is given at this link
Schools with outbreaks are listed online.
Quick numbers (since yesterday):
  • 84 schools are on Watch (+13)
  • 106 schools have 2-4 cases (-3)
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on yesterday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 132 (+11) 23 (+3)
Edmonton 191 (+16) 47 (+7)
Central 20 (+3) 5 (+1)
South 21 (+0) 6 (+1)
North 19 (-2) 3 (+1)
Statements by Dr Hinshaw
Addressing Secret Recordings
  • In regards to the meeting recordings, is "profoundly disappointed" that internal conversations were shared. It is a violation of the public service oath and code of conduct
  • Betrayal of trust of the team
  • The contents of the article are taken out of context and separate from a series of discussion before and after
  • The meetings should be safe spaces where public servants can have candid discussions
  • Takes responsibility seriously and it is her hope that Albertans respect that
  • Always feels that ideas are respectfully considered
  • Does not dictate all details of policy decisions and, as a non-elected official, shouldn't
  • Active Alerts/Outbreaks (1+ active cases) in 359 schools (~15%) with 1,288 cases
  • 190 with outbreaks (2+) and 84 on watch list (5+)
Recent Findings
  • Details about recent findings have been put online
  • Emerging evidence shows that dominant mode of transmission is respiratory droplets, with transmission occurring in close contact (<2 m) unprotected
  • Evidence also shows that, in specific circumstances, virus can travel greater distances. Generally if prolonged exposure (e.g. exercise) occurs, where smaller particles are expelled at greater volumes
  • This isn't the same spread capacity as measles transmission - core recommendations remains the same
  • However, businesses can take more steps, such as paying attention to their ventilation systems
About the Recent Expanded Measures
  • Thanks people who are complying with measures as she knows they are difficult
  • Highlights the ability to socialize outdoors, but advises against backyard gatherings as people cannot go into the host's house
  • Encourages everyone to work together now so restrictions can be lifted for the holidays
Q&A - Leaks and Government Policy
  • (Yes/No) Did you suggest at full month lock down before the limited restriction framework?: Appreciates a simple question, but it isn't simple. A range of options were considered. Every decision has been made with full consideration of the medical officer's opinion
  • (Minister Shandro added: The question supposes there was a single recommendation)
  • How many people report to you?: Small team (6) which directly reports to her, but works with multiple people who are in "her team" that have many more people report to them
  • How do you feel about being described as having an "uphill battle" relationship with the Government?: Relays a saying that if two groups agree, then one is ultimately unnecessary. Critical that multiple perspectives are considered
  • Why can't the public see the list of recommendations?: They are a part of a process which is currently listed as "in confidence" in their guidelines. Repeats disappointment in that oath being violated with the leaks
  • (Minster Shandro added: Cannot and will not breach Cabinet oath)
  • Do you know who made the recordings?: Does not know. There will be an investigation to determine it
  • With discussion of trust being broken, why do you not have the same level of care in Albertans' level of trust in you through refusal to disclose details?: Professional integrity is important to her. It would be inappropriate and a violation to break that. Trusts that Albertans understand that elected officials have received the nod of Albertans to make the best possible decision on their behalf
  • (Minister Shandro added: Feels media stories are "attacks" on credibility and independence of Dr Hinshaw and Ministry of Health)
Q&A - Other
  • From Tuesday's recommendations, were restaurant recommendations within the range you suggested?: Were a set of ones discussed at length Monday
  • (Minister Shandro added: The restriction puts the responsibility on Albertans when they go out. Restaurateurs can't be expected to check the groups)
  • How confident are you with airport rapid testing?: Not aware of that specific case. The pilot border test case are reported as sensitive as the APL ones. So it's concerning, but will need to check details
Statements by Minister Shandro
About the Recordings
  • Role as Minster of Health means close work with Dr Hinshaw
  • Dr Hinshaw is in ongoing Cabinet discussions and Cabinet debates the potential impacts of each set of recommendations
  • Government of Albert has strong support for Dr Hinshaw
  • Story this morning is concerning because it violates Dr Hinshaw's confidence and embarrass her. There is nothing for her to apologize for
About the Measures
  • Because it can take 2 weeks for impact cases, lab confirmed cases and hospitalizations may rise for a while. Asks Albertans to follow the guidances
  • An emergency alert was sent out at 4:20 PM today to inform of the mandatory measures
Rapid Deployment Testing
  • Thanks the work of APL and Alberta Heath
  • Pleased to announce point of care rapid testing in December
  • Two Abbott Laboratories products will both be deployed, 577,000+ tests provided
  • Not home test kits and only useful for symptomatic test individuals. First at trial clinical sites (100,000+ tests will be available for distribution) on patients expressing symptoms and allow turnaround within hours
  • Negative tests of one system will be subject to confirmation by a second test to allow future "seamless" integration
  • Will there be greater enforcement?: There will be more, but the best way to get people to change is through education. Enforcement will be used when education doesn't work. Knows AHS wants to step up enforcement
Additional information will be logged below:
  • Update 1: For some reason, Table 2 (listing the number of healthcare workers) was removed when I tried opening the page. According to some who saw it before then, it appears to have listed the first death of a healthcare worker from Covid-19. As per this tweet, it was an error
  • Update 2: The spike in positive cases in North Zone appears to have subsided, with positive cases going back down to ~6%
submitted by kirant to alberta [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 23:06 TrustJack Hacked MacBook Air - Need Boot Log Feedback

Hi All,
I believe my Mac has been hacked and I’m trying to figure it out.
Below is a log of the boot up process. Some of it might be jumbled as I did photo screen grabs and then OCR’d it. Not sure of any other way to get it.
In researching I found a few possible articles both on the dongle and the dhd.
From my perspective I haven’t loaded any special network or system modules.
It’s a 2020 intel MacBook Air with 8gb mem and 256ssd running Big Sur.
Would someone be able to confirm the below is the same as there’s or let me know if they see an issue.
Appreciate it!!!
PCIe shared addr COx002197a4) read took 299846 usec before dongle is ready FN supports Inband de ? Y
FW supports oob dw ? N
FW supports HWA ? N
H2D DMA WR INDX : array size 172 - 4• 43
DZH DNA RD INDX : array size 24 - 4.6 D2H DMA WR INDX : array size 24 - 4.6 H2D DMA RD INDX : array size 172-4. 43
dhdpcie_readshared: max H2D queues 40 FW supports debug buf dest? Y
PCIe shared addr (exe02197a4) read took 299046 usec before dongle is ready
FW supports Inband du? Y F# supports oob dw ? N
FW supports HHA 7 N
H2D DMA WR INDX : array size 172 - 4• 43 6
D2H DHA RD INDX : array size 24 - 4•
D2H DHA WR INDX : array size 24 - 4 H2D DHA RD INDX : array size 172 - 4. 43
dhdpcie_readshared: max H2D queues 40
FW supports debug buf dest ? Y dhd_prot_init:3475: h2d_max_txpost - 512
dhd prot_init:3490: MAX_RXBUFPOST - 511 ENABLING DW:2
HNA not enabled in FW II
Enable hostcap: EXTD TXS in txcpl
dhd_prot_d2h_sync_init): D2H sync mechanism is NONE dhd_bus_hostready : Read PCICMD Reg: 0x00100006
dhd bus_dump_dar_registers: dar_clk.ctri(exa08:0x1070040) dar_pwr_ctrl(exae 0000) dar_intstat(exa10:0x0)
dhd bus_dump_dar_registers: dar_errlog(0xa60:0x0) dar_erraddr(0xa64:0x0) de
embint(exa68:0x®) dhd_bus_hostready: Ring Hostready:1
Attach flowrings pool for 40 rings dhd_send_d2h_ringcreate ringid: 3 idx: 46 max_h2d: 43 2 o cree complete ring creata Tingponse lotus
PCIe shared addr (exCO219704) read took 299046 usec before dongle is ready
FW supports Inband de ? Y FH supports oob dw ? N
FW supports HNA ? N
H2D DMA WR INDX : array size 172 = 4 43 RD INDX : array size 24 - 4 6
D2H DMA WR INDX : array size 24 = 4 6
H2D DMARD INDX : array size 172 - 4 43 dhdpcie_readshared: max H2D queues 40
FW supports debug buf dest ? Y dhd prot_init:3475: h2d_max_txpost 512
dhd prot_init:3490: MAX_RXBUFPOST - 511
ENABLING DW:2 HHA not enabled in FW 1!
Enable hostcap: EXTD TXS in txcpl
dhd.prot_d2h_sync_init(): DZH sync mechanism is NONE dhd_bus_hostready : Read PCICMD Reg: ex001000067
dhd_bus_dump_dar_registers: dar_clk.ctrl(exa08:0x1070040) dar_pwr.ctrl([email protected]:0x3 0000) dar_intstat(0xa10:0x0)
dhd_bus_dump_dar_registers: dar_errlogCoxa60:8x®) dar_erraddrC0xa64:0x®) dar-pci
dhd_bus_hostready: Ring Hostready:1 Attach flowrings pool for 40 rings dhd_send_d2h_ringcreate ringid: 3 idx: 46 max h2d: 43
dnd pr1 proteST d2r rin
HZD DA RD INDX : array size 172 = 4 * 43 dhdpcie_readshared: max H2D queues 49
FH supports debug buf dest ?Y
dhd_prot_init:3475: hzd_mox_txpost - 512 dhd_prot_init:3490: MAX_RXBUFPOST - 511
HWA not enabled in FN 1!
Enable hostcap: EXTD TXS in txcpl dhd_prot_d2h_sync_inito: D2H sync mechanism is NONE
dhd bus_hostready : Read PCICMD Reg: [email protected] dhd bus_dump_dar_registers: dar.clk.ctrl(6xa08:0x1070040) dar_pwr_ctrl(0xaßc:ex3
0000) dar_intstat(0xo10:0x0)dar_clk.ctrl(0xa08:ex
dhd_bus_dump_dar_registers:) dar_errlog(@xa60:0x0) dar_erraddrexa64:exe) e_mbint(Oxa68:0x0)egisters: dor_errlog(@xo60:0x0) dar_erraddr(0xc64:0x0)
dhd_bus_hostready: Ring Hostready:1 Attach flowrings pool for 40 rings!
dhd send_d2h_ringcreate ringid: 3-idx: 46 max_h2d: 43 dhd_prot_process_d2b_ring create complete ring create Response
status - 0 ring 3
ghid exfffcocess_a2h_ring_create_complete ring create Response status - ring
info buffer post after ring create
wldioctl: dhd_nl_ioctl_cod failed. cmd 263, ret -14, ifidx = 0 wl_iovar Ioctl failed. name sku_override, ret -14, ifidx = 0
dhd bus start phasc2: SKU override fails, cerra-1414
dhd bus_start_phase2: SKU override fails, err--14 wlc.ver major 10, wlc.ver.minor and one in
dhd.pretnit.toctis: Disabled Rx A-MISOU
EEB.FS.AGSVHASYS3CO)0X0003C040 59D76AE 4-37E3-5SA7-8460-EF13D46E6028
[CDIFRUFSVJVGSSD2CBEOF BSC1048GE-8728-BA30GAS95BC3 Ox00000co1 JluttaRobEVETUrar97Caches/c6h.0pplexBH/SoarCa52Appteka9stora/ApplakayStoro-862.
ibeks.c: ofl_sep_daliver_msg: Bropping spurtaus massage: epez, reply. opfs.mount:24210: Found root._to_xid set, xtd ts 66584 arfstatogobjigae:förurdcovaryt02684 NOtERKState 669ect for voluma MasjID - rollin
Oristnbe-hoppontniprnothtngrrosPétovir. ER state object for volume Mac HD - rollin
Ofis"not:lioppentng,"nbthtny-tuNecovort of efs.mount.volt893: Volume NACHD is part of the volume group is part of the volum KAVA1 Z85: Volung Macros - Data ot indox 6 in part of tha volum ofl_harvast_volume keys:785: Voluna Nach
e Library/Caches/, xhs/Sources/ApplekeyStore/ApplexeyStore-862. outidRoot/tbrary/Cachas/com.appLo.xbs/Sourcas/ApplaKeyStore/AppleKayStora-862. ks.Cap7_sep_deliver_msgi tropping spurious message: &p=7, roply-0 0.12/1tboks.c: ofl-sep.ago. Com eft narvesL volume keys: 794: GOL 64 bytes of key for volume MucoID - Data
of harvest.volume keys: 7041 Got 64 bytes of key for voluno MacliD - Data of harvest volume keys1818: Allocated 102 bytes for 2 kaya efs_mount.vol 1916: Using text tree old 032475
[E0118-?) OKCO)
/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ 0.12/libeks.c: efi_sep_deliver_msg: Dropping spurious message: ep-7, reply-3
efi harvest volume keys:794: Got 64 bytes of key for volume MacHD - Data
efi_harvest volume_keys:818: Allocated 192 bytes for efs mount volume:916: Using fext tree oid 632475



[EBIWL) @x01 ex09 20 [email protected]

[EB.LD.LFIIN] @ 1 <'"> <"1">

[EB.B.SBSISZ] 723512


[EB.WL.PWLFNVI!] Err(exE) <- RT.GV wake-failure 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995





[EB.LD.LKCID] <"boot\System\library\KernelCollections\BootKernelExtensions.kc.d #[EB.LD.OFSTOPEN!) ErrCOXE) <"boot\system\library\KernelCollections\BootKern


[EB.LD.LKCIR.2] <"boot\System\L

2 keys
[EBIFRUFSV] VG SDZC3EDF-85C1-486E-8728-BA306A5958C3 Bx0000ee01pieKeyStore-862. [email protected]/Library/cache/ 0.12/libeks.c: efi_sep_deliver_nsg: Dropping spurious message: ep-7, reply-e
ofs mount:24210: Found root_lo_xid set, xid ts 66584 apf apfs nount:24210: Found rootto kid set, xid is 66584t for volume MachD - rollin
er state_obj.get for recovery:6268: No ER state object for volume MacHD rollin 9 is not happening, nothing to recover of the volume group
efs mount vol:893: Volume MacHD is part of the volume group ef1 harvest volume keys:785: Volume MacHD Data at index 0 is part of the
/ButldRoot/Library/Caches/ 0.12/11beks.c: eft_sep_deliver_asg: Dropping spurious sessoge: ep-7, reply
eft_harvest volume keys:794: Got 64 bytes of key for volume MacHD - Data cf1_harvest volume keys:818: Allocated 192 bytes for 2 keys H D Late
efs.mount.vol:916: Using fext tree oid 632475 for kayn


Unext tree otd 32475

[EB.CSUF KINES 1 [EBIWL)[email protected]®1.0409


[EB]B:SESJSZY622359Ebe-ului wwwwwwwwwwwww

LEBIBLSEAG FRYS430620(BED88483369B6B932200775336110-AB2A-4853-1880-FE41995 CLEBZWL.PWLFNVIIJ Err(OxE) <- RT.GV wake-failure 70436110-AB2A-4853-AB80-FE41995

is t hentna, nothing to recovery of the valumm group
eft.IN, VOIR 8932 VOLORE MIND 8 port of the votus group is part of the volum eNarvest.votune keys:785: Votuse aciD- Data at index OF is part of the votum en outbrary/caches/con, apple.xD3/Sources/AppleKeyStore/appleKeyStore-652. euttaksot/tbrary/caches/con.opple.kbs/Sources/ApptekeyStore/AppteKeyStore 862,
0.Aibeks.e efi.sep.deliver.spt Dropping spurious messages ép-7, reply
eft. Marvest volume keys: 1947 Get 64 bytes of key for voluna MaciD - Data
eft. Mannest volume keys:818: Allocated 192 bytes for 2 keys efs Using text tree oid 632478
ares.cs.UFIRILBES) 1
Gaeg 20 GXDE
ESLB.LFIINO ull string>"> <"">
(EB, 6.S SISO 723512
CEB.L.PLFNVI) Err(OXE) RT.GV wake-failure 7C436110-AB2A-4BBAS-FE41995 RIGV ake-falture 7C436L10-ANZA-40-ARn-E1995
STEB.R.OTI) Err(OxE) - EB.WL. *[EB.LD.LKCID) <"boot\System\lit
[EB.LD.OFSIOPENI] Err(OxE) <"boot\system\library\KernelCollections\BootKern
[EB.LD.LFIIN] 0 1 <""> <"1"> #[EB.B.SBSISZ] 723512 null string

[EB. WL.PWLFNVILJErc(exE)o+cRT.GYowokeefailuce 70436110-ABZA-4BBB-AB88-FE41995

CE82WL.PWLFNVI!] Err(0xE) - RT.GV wake-failure 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995



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elExtensions.kc, development">\library\Kernelcollections\BootKernel Extensions.kc #[EB.LD.LKCIR.2] <"boot\System\library\KernelCollections\BootKernelExtensions.kc




[EBIBST:REV1] Errexe) <- RT.GV est active config 70435110-AB2A-4BBB-4880-FE4199 #[EB.CSR.FI!] Err(@xE) <- RT.GV csr-active-config 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE4199


[EBICSR:OUT] exe3200000


[EBI GIP:PHS. 1] Loginwindow Boot

[EBILW+]GSVHI PU] 5D2CJEOF-8SC1-486E-8728-BA306A595BC3

[EB. FS.AGSVHIPU]C502C3EOF=8SC1-486E-8728-BA306AS95BC38468-EF13D46E6020 [EB, FS.AGSVHI1) OKCO) <=BS.LOCHB 59D76AE4-37E3-SSA7-B460-EF13D46E6020

CEB.FS.AGSVHIISYS]CO:0X000020406E-8728-BA306A595BC3 ex00000001 TEBIEMUESVI vG SDZC3EOF-8SC1-486E-8728-BA306AS95BC3 ex0000001ppleKeyStore-862.
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efsiount_vol:893: Volume Mac HD is part of the volume group eft_harvest volume_keys:785: Vol Volume MacHD - Data at index 0 is part of the volun
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EHD - Data at index 0 is part of the valum
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C9F8ZWL.DTI!] Err(exE) <- EB.WL.PWLFNV #[EB.WL.DTI1]ErrCOxE) <-


[EB, WL.DTI1] Err(OxE)S

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[EB.LD.LKCIR.2] <"boot\System\Library\Kernel Collections\Boot Kernel Extensions.kc ">. LD.LKCIR. 2] < boot\system\library\Kernelcollections Boot Kernel Extensions, ke


[EB. LD.LKCI-?] Ok(0) #[EBIFWFM] OX00000003FFFFFF7F



[EB.CSR.FI!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV csr-active-config 7C436110-ABZA-4BBB-A880-FE4199

5C9E8238.riig c. (AL) - SCSB8ZSR:OUT Ox00000000

[EBI CSR:GUS] +0x00000000

[EBIGSP:FBS11) loginwindow Boot #[EBIGIP:PASJ19xLoginwindow Boot

LEBIGIP:PES] 23x10Kit Boot

Car-active-config 76430110-AUZA-4000-nüvv-f44199
BŞEB.LD.LKCIR.2] <"boot\System\library\KernelCollections\BootKernelExtensions. kc

[EB. LD.LKFSI-?]©0kC0)




[EB.CSR.FI!] Err(OxE) <- RT.GV csr-active-config 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE4199


CEBICSR:OUT) ex00000000


[EBIGIP:PHS.1] loginwindow Boot

[EBI GIP:PCT] @x1 #[EBIGIP:PHS.2] IOKit Boot

[EBIGIP:PCT] 6x63 it Boot

[EBIGIP:PHS.2) loginwindow Boot

[EB.CS.PFDTII.] loginwindow Boot #[EB.CS.PFAKDISZ] 192



[EBISB:SBGMFNS] j230kap. im4m

CEBISB:SEGMEES}sgassktpatkos.dma.root hash

[EBIRH:PF] uSosstastakdat



[EBIGIP:PHS.1] loginwindow Boot



[EBI GIP:PCT] 0x63

[EBI GIP:PHS.2] loginwindow Boot





[EBISB:SBGMFNS] j230kap. im4m

[EBIRH:PF] usr\standalone\os.dmg.root_hash

[EBIRH:MF] <"usr\standalone\OS.dmg.root_hash.j230kap.im4m">

[EB.LD.LFIIN] 0 1 <"usr\standalone\OS.dmg.root_hash"> <"0"> #[EB.LD.LFIIN] 01 <"usr\standalone\OS.dmg.root_hash.j230kap.im4m"> <"e">


[EB.BST.FBSTRHMS2] 3626 #[EBILOG:DT] 2020-11-26T16:41:11

[EBILOG:EXITBS:S RT] 2020-11-26T16:41:11 BCMDHD ExitBootServices: ENTER

wbm_notify_pwr_off[0]: enter
dhd Wom_power_off_cb: bt bur
dhdpcie_advertise_bus_cleani dhd_os_wifi_platform_set.po




[EB.BST.FBSIKSSZ) 64 #[EBISB:SBGMFNS] j230kap. im4m

[EBIRH:PF] usr\standalone\Os.dmg.root hash

[EB RH:MF] <"usr\standalonellos.dmg.root_hash.j230kap.im4m">

[EB.LD.LFIIN] 0 1 <"usr\standalone\OS.dmg.root_hash"> <"0"> #[EB.LD.LFIIN] 0 1 <"usr\standalone\os.dmg.root_hash.j230kap.im4m"> <"0">



[EBILOG:DT] 2020-11-26T16:41:11

[EBILOG:EXITBS:START] 2020-11-26T16:41:11

BCMDHD_ExitBootService: ENTER sbm_notify_pwr_off[0]: enter
dhd_wbm_power_off_cb: bt bus pwr off...
dhdpcie_advertise_bus_cleanup: Disabling wdtick before dhd deinit dhd_os_wifi_platform_set_power: Setting wl_reg_on to succeeded
dhd os_wifi_platform_set_power: Setting wl_reg_on to 1 succeeded
wbm_notify_pwr_on[0]: enter
dhd wom_power_on_cb: bt bus pwr on...
BOMDHD_ExitBootService: ENTE
wibm_notify_pwr off[1]: enter
wbm_notify_pwr_off: Ignoring, since pwr toggie Tor exit ia utreuuy uver.


CEBIGIP:PHS.2) Loginwindow Boot





[EBISB:SBGMFNS) j230kap. im4m

[EBIRH:PF] usr\standalone\os.dmg.root_hash

[EBIRH:MF] <"usr\standalone\OS.dmg.root_hash.j230kap.im4m">

[EB. LD.LFIIN] 01 <"usr\standalone\OS. dmg.root_hash"> [EB.LD.LFIIN] e1 <"usr\standalone\OS.dmg.root_hash.j230kap.im4m">




[EBILOG:DT] 2020-11-26T16:41:11 #[EBILOG:EXITBS:START] 2020-11-26T16:41:11

BCMDHD_ExitBootService: ENTER
wbm_notify_pwr_off[0]: enter dhd_wbm_power_off_cb: bt bus pwr off...
dhdpcie_advertise_bus_cleanup: Disabling wdtick before dhd deinit
dhdos_wifi platform_set
wibm_notify_pwr_on[0]: enter
dhd Wom_power_on_cb: bt bus pwr on...
CH-HaniotityGracelerodiannut Changedt called Valu 7 2000rundi Fiedlet VES)t = 172000 (clefant). OCTIS HENDID0009807AFFANDO-60003 (BT EWLEN, Apple - SOBODOO toki (B00HOUSE)
BCPI: A PET OX0000008073FE3D00 000036 (va1 APPLE Appleto 00000001 Loki 0000005F) ACPI: HOEG OXD000000073FE3000 00012c (v02 APPLE Apple00 00000001 Loki 0000005F)ACHKernolSarvice: initvalueFronBoothryAllasosUInt32: enabled = 0 (default).
ACHTUNG Bx0003800G73FERDOO D0003C(v02-APPLESTRAR 09: 00809001 Lokig0000OGFEDACHKÜF ED SvicklaCaixaRuuENDOGURDA! Oason 92unaisladd = 0 (default). ICHRH:HdisabLelly: IRH ENIOLID NOJCeask-2DISELED UY: Def YEStN LegH=NO OSENVNOVI HngCn+NO DunDS NO Chklld-NO coGSu=ND), enahlnd -B (daf aut t).
HORIN: disableBy: UTM ERFOLED=101 (ak-2. DISABLED BY: Def VES Bthrg NIN Leg-NO OSNOVNO I HagCo-NO DunDS-NO ChkBd-NO coCSuaND). AICHIN SBST ie0000000073FEIDODEDOUD3D(Ku81 ATUESAAppto00 000OG018Lok 00000SA)-NO OSEnv-NO I HugCorND DunoS-NO Clkdl-NO cOGSuNO). recto DUGOGOROSZOLOOSD30UGI sute-Sallipo ipr TULIB. INTRO] GUDEG) Nyle Internal/lul LaRoot/Lillary/cache/ c iplere ait to Hanhijerylipenindend gut Mesia
ACPI: S6ST DxO0D0000073FES000 000039 (v02 NPPLE Applenut D000000) LURL D0000956)ACHRH: disablaby: TRH ENRBLED NO) (nask-2. DISABLED BY: Def-VES Bifrg-NO Logli-NO. OSENV-ND I HngCo=ND ACHI 1980 TUBXODCD800323FDO0OSC000131 (E2-APPLEUppITUR1 0000100GO INTLUR0160950) ACARUeidtseb429a TURMENDILED-NOJaCheskap.DISABLED:Soubeses Blarg Olle Hus.NerOSE & Doug
TO'S: SSDT KX0003220073STIS 0000131 VOI FITLESade StacBOBO1000INTL 20160939) A tadiss LadySEv Lonarit.actttsabled by SanyrommentatorerinntialHanngapint Anthol Mwanga
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ROMT: SSDI OXUNDO0073FD1000 BOUTON (VEZETLEthel DOGUTOOD INT. 20160930) ACPI: SSDT OX0000000073FD3009 0002DF (VDZ APPLE Xhali 33001000 INTL 20160930) ACPI: DHAR OX0000000073FDZ000 000088 (v02 APPLE EDK2 BO000002 INTL. O1000013)ACHRH: napfndPublishTRH: sot TRM_PollcyTincout 259200.
NCHRH:DUnapAndPubtishTRH:280t TRH POlicyReasonE= Uestrictod(0)02 01000013)ACHRH: napfrxdPublishTRH: sut TRM PolleyTiuvout 259200. ICHRM: egiftuPulishTRH: sundiing kIOHessoguServitePeuger tyClistge(n-2) whlle DISAGLED, TRH: 259200 U/O 4294967295 -/ff nisseff (CUR: 259200 U/0 4294967295 -/ff). ICHI ngdinlPutbi ishRH: nandin Messognliervienl'ropertyChange(n2). vhile DISILID, RM: 25920 U/B 429496/295 -/FF ntss-ff (CUR: 259200 0/0 4294967295 -/TF).
NOT: MCFG 0X0000003073F DIODE 800013 (ISTLE AppleID OR00001 Lokt 000000SF)
ApplecrenontiatHanagarnita roturning. resuült ntrueoninstancane ptr>00000OSF)
AppleCredonttalHanager: stecticalledy iretanco = pte>. instaticu : (ptr). RCHRHErpulLiahIOResuurcet AppleUSDRestcictelHodeTinboit - 259200. FlypleCredential Manager:astatteluitializing power lonagement Custarice = (ptr>.
lpletredentinlHannger: atart: atartnili-instanceptr)unnt. imtancn - ptr). fippleCredontlalHanager: start: returninginrenutt = truc) instunco (ptr>. AppteEDEKeyStottsspersuBootDatarcentryntyje=2utiid:07135IRE+9420-4BA9-BC71-EBCC29A9F458
AppleFDEKeyStore: boot 2uiDala: ntry Lype=2. uid-D71351RE-9420-4DA9-BC71-EDCC29A9F450
Ale! 13 ICPIE ble sUccessfully acquirer
RigplokeySture:121:Belstorting ULI; Det 24n ApplekeyStore:31:0: kernetgretaylenable zD
AppleKoyStore:S45:0: _zorgenatled cable = 0 AppleSsEstatert (balletup, enabled - 1 fippleSSE:stert caloniing, rezult = 1
irtest bentCorninatytirstkzostart (I0Service )::105:Corelinalyticsikb start AenteRCPICPII:CPrncennor Idrta el

submitted by TrustJack to MacOS [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 21:22 The_SerialSatan TTW not starting in fallout 3/capital wasteland

I downloaded it without the OGG changing. I downloaded directly into the NV data folder. I’m not using a mod manager. I had to use NVAC because it crashed as soon as it went the the “please stand by” part of the intro.
Okay so heres the gist: It first shows the (ugh, UNSKIPPABLE) intro slides. I choose new game. Then It shows the NV and Fallout 3 intros (courier getting shot, then the wrecked dc bus). Then i end up in doc mitchell’s office.
I changed the fallout.ini file and it still starts in doc mitccells office rather than vault 101.
What should I do?
submitted by The_SerialSatan to Taleoftwowastelands [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 20:16 Serpentbyte No Telvanni 'advancement' option.

I've done every single quest that I can do as a hireling but I can't advance simply because there is no topic called advancement from any Telvanni NPC, the councilors, mouths, etc. I have Tamriel Rebuilt and have done all the quests for the mouths in the Telvanni region as well.
Load order:
_001_ Morrowind.esm _002_ Tribunal.esm _003_ Bloodmoon.esm _004_ Patch for Purists.esm _005_ Tamriel_Data.esm _006_ Solstheim Tomb of The Snow Prince.esm _007_ Texture Fix 2.0.esm _008_ TR_Mainland.esm _009_ Sky_Main.esm _010_ Cyrodiil_Main.esm _011_ OAAB_Data.esm _012_ Patch for Purists - Book Typos.ESP _013_ Patch for Purists - Semi-Purist Fixes.ESP _014_ Sheogorad - Groves of the North.esp _015_ Better Morrowind Armor.esp _016_ RR_Better_Ships_n_Boats_Eng.esp _017_ Religions Elaborated.ESP _018_ TR_Preview.esp _019_ Bob's Diverse Blood.ESP _020_ Better Clothes_v1.1_nac.esp _021_ Vurt's Grazelands Unique Trees.ESP _022_ Foyada Mamaea Overhaul.ESP _023_ Grass GL_Trackless GL.esp _024_ Trackless Grazeland.ESP _025_ LDM - Context Matters.ESP _026_ Djangos Dialogue.ESP _027_ RP House Hlaalu.esp _028_ Clean The_G93_Vanilla_Quest_Tweaks_RP_Choices_Consequences_Super_Mega_Package_-_Ultimate_Edition.ESP _029_ Clean Main Quest Overhaul 1.3.ESP _030_ Vurt's BC Tree Replacer II.ESP _031_ DD_Caldera_Expansion.esp _032_ TC_SadrithMoraClosed.esp _033_ TR_Travels_(Preview_and_Mainland).esp _034_ Live Free.esp _035_ KogoruhnExpanded.esp _036_ What Thieves Guild.ESP _037_ The Ashen Divide.ESP _038_ AndranoTombRemastered.esp _039_ Valley of the Wind Overhaul.esp _040_ FMI_ServiceRefusal_Contraband.ESP _041_ Hlaalu Rank-Adjust v1.0.esp _042_ The Publicans.ESP _043_ Carelessly_Crazy_Caldera_Community.ESP _044_ TR_Mainland_2002_hotfix.esp _045_ Clean Ashlander_Camps_Expanded.ESP _046_ Strider Burial.esp _047_ tribunal rebalance.ESP _048_ An Issue Of Thrust - Main.ESP _049_ Mage Robes.ESP _050_ Local Lore - Silt Striders and Caravaners - Silt Strider Animation Restored.ESP _051_ Concept art Gnisis - Lightweight.ESP _052_ Beware the Sixth House.ESP _053_ FMI_Legion_Dialogue.ESP _054_ Idle Talk.ESP _055_ Mamaea Awakened.ESP _056_ OAAB_Tel Mora.ESP _057_ RR_Danke's_Cephalopod_Armor_Eng.esp _058_ Welcome to the Arena! v6.7.esp _059_ Vivec Waistworks Expansion.ESP _060_ The Merchants of Sadrith Mora.ESP _061_ abotGuars.esp _062_ Lake Fjalding Anti-Suck.ESP _063_ Cyrodiil_Grass.ESP _064_ Ashfall.esp _065_ GITD_WL_RR_Interiors.esp _066_ TR_Preview_Warning_Immersive.esp _067_ Missing snow armor.esp _068_ TR Fish Behaviour.ESP _069_ Unique_Tavern_Signs_for_Tamriel_Rebuilt_v2.ESP _070_ GH_TestCell_TR.esp _071_ Better Robes.ESP _072_ Better Robes TR.esp _073_ Mage Robes_Weak.ESP _074_ WWGTMA.ESP _075_ White Suran Ground Textures.ESP _076_ WhiteSuran2_MD_Edition.esp _077_ God of Worms.esp _078_ CharGen Revisited.esp _079_ NX9_TongArmor.ESP _080_ abotGondoliers.esp _081_ Creeper the Scamp.ESP _082_ Silt Strider Animation Restored.ESP _083_ Floating Vivec.ESP _084_ More Better Clothes.ESP _085_ TR_Factions.esp _086_ Better Bodies.esp _087_ Wey_New_Argonians.ESP _088_ AshVampiresReplacer.ESP _089_ LowerFirstPersonSneak.ESP _090_ Animal Behaviour.esp _091_ Glowing_Mines.ESP _092_ Properly clothed NPCs.ESP _093_ fargothtruehead.ESP _094_ MK_Khajiit.esp _095_ New Argonian Bodies - Clean.esp _096_ CAP Daedric Engravings.ESP _097_ CAP Bridge.ESP _098_ The Warrior-Poet's Gate.ESP _099_ Concept Art Palace.esp _100_ Meteorite Ministry Palace - Higher.ESP _101_ Palace of Vehk.ESP _102_ RR_Holamayan_Eng.ESP _103_ RR_Telvanni_Lighthouse_Tel Vos_Eng.ESP _104_ RR_Telvanni_Lighthouse_Tel Branora_Eng.ESP _105_ OAAB_Tel Mora_Female Guards.ESP _106_ RR_Vivec_Statues_Eng.esp _107_ Expansion Delay.ESP _108_ Interiors_of_Solstheim_V2.1.esp _109_ Interiors_of_Mournhold_V2.1.esp _110_ DBHQ.ESP _111_ Urshilaku Burial Caverns Overhaul.ESP _112_ Mawia Overhaul.ESP _113_ MarenMabrigash.ESP _114_ Bloodmoon Rebalance.esp _115_ Faces of Vel - Ash Mire.ESP _116_ AkulakhanCloud (Optional).ESP _117_ Dragon Statue Replacer TR.ESP _118_ WhiteSuran_WhiteTempleAddon.ESP _119_ RR_Aldruhn_Under_Skar_Eng.ESP _120_ Sky_Spriggan_Fix.ESP _121_ PB_SignpostsRetextured.esp _122_ Redoran Council Hall improvement.esp _123_ Clean Redoran Freeloaders.esp _124_ Flies.ESP _125_ Cave Drips.ESP _126_ BardicInspiration.esp _127_ Dartboards.esp _128_ Sanctus Shrine.esp _129_ TheGuarWhisperer.ESP _130_ Rarer Scrap Metal.ESP _131_ RubbersWeaponsPack.ESP _132_ BuyoantArmigersArmor_NPC.ESP _133_ BuyoantArmigersArmor_Resource.ESP _134_ The Dream is the Door.ESP _135_ PB_NegativeLightRemover.esp _136_ TOTSP_TR_Preview.esp _137_ RR_Melchior's_Mudcrab_Merchant_Eng.ESP _138_ Properly Cluttered Ald Velothi.ESP _139_ MDP - Khuul - 1.0.ESP _140_ Telvanni Staff for the Telvanni Staff.ESP _141_ Hopesfire Torch (+ brighter trueflame).ESP _142_ Hopesfire Torch.ESP _143_ An Issue Of Thrust - Trivia.ESP _144_ Taryn Companion.esp _145_ Stav_MaGAO.ESP _146_ Concept art Hlaalu Balconies - Balmora.esp _147_ Brevur of Balmora - Finally Some Good Statue Mod.ESP _148_ Ancient Foes.esp _149_ Tower Vos.ESP _150_ RR_Melchior's_Silt_Strider_Armor_Eng.esp _151_ Urshilaku Spiritual.ESP _152_ Clean_TrueDrenPlantation_1_1.esp _153_ Concept art Hlaalu Balconies - WhiteSuran.esp _154_ Unique Dagoth Dagger.esp _155_ Tel Naga Treasury.ESP _156_ Molag Mar.esp _157_ SWH v1.3.esp _158_ Glowing Flames - NoMoreLightlessFlames v1.1.ESP _159_ Dubdilla Location Fix.ESP _160_ Reachmen_bb.ESP _161_ TOTSP TD Content Integration.esp _162_ TOTSP_Patch_for_Purists_4.0.2.esp _163_ Go Fletch.ESP _164_ Snow Prince Armor Redux.ESP _165_ Complete Armor Joints.esp _166_ DaedricArmor.esp _167_ People of Pelagiad.ESP _168_ Census_and_Excise_Office_Faction.ESP _169_ Great House Vault Privileges.ESP _170_ ShrineOfAzura.ESP _171_ Character Backgrounds.esp _172_ Greetings for No Lore.esp _173_ Descriptive Shrines.ESP _174_ FMI_Current_Councilors.ESP _175_ The Law Is Sacred.ESP _176_ FMI_SaneOrdinators.ESP _177_ FMI_#NotAllDunmer.ESP _178_ Blades Informant.ESP 
I disabled all of my dialogue mods and TR_Factions but still no advancement option. It's probably a mod that alters dialogue without advertising it on its mod page and I plan on going through and disabling mods to see what it does but I'm posting here just in case anyone has ever gotten this glitch before.
submitted by Serpentbyte to tes3mods [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 16:03 CovidMdBot 11/26/2020 In the last 24 hours there have been 2,319 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maryland. There has now been a total of 190,480 confirmed cases.

SUMMARY (11/26/2020)
Metric 24 HR Total Prev 7 Day Avg Today vs 7 Day Avg
Number of Tests 41,777 41,749 +0.1%
Number of Positive Tests 2,888 2,705 +6.7%
Percent Positive Tests 6.91% 6.52% +6.0%
Percent Positive Less Retests 14.05% 13.40% +4.8%
State Reported 7-day Rolling Positive Testing Percent: 6%
Testing metrics are distinct from case metrics as an individual may be tested multiple times.
Percent Positive Less Retests is calculated as New Confirmed Cases / (New Confirmed Cases + Number of persons tested negative).
Metric 24 HR Total Prev 7 Day Avg Today vs 7 Day Avg Total to Date
Number of confirmed cases 2,319 2,334 -0.6% 190,480
Number of confirmed deaths 29 23 +25.3% 4,392
Number of probable deaths 0 1 -100.0% 155
Number of persons tested negative 14,188 14,998 -5.4% 2,096,687
Ever hospitalized 212 158 +33.8% 20,280
Released from isolation 12 18 -34.4% 8,561
Total testing volume 41,771 41,749 +0.1% 4,288,122
Metric Total 24 HR Delta Prev 7 Day Avg Delta Delta vs 7 Day Avg
Currently hospitalized 1,453 +47 +37 +25.6%
Acute care 1,114 +16 +32 -50.0%
Intensive care 339 +31 +5 +471.1%
The Currently hospitalized metric appears to be the sum of the Acute care and Intensive care metrics.
Cases and Deaths Data Breakdown
County Total Cases Change Cases/100,000 (7 Day Avg) Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
Allegany 2,830 96 159.4 (↓) 64 4 0 0
Anne Arundel 16,114 175 30.4 (↓) 286 1 12 0
Baltimore City 23,682 321 45.7 (↓) 534 6 20 0
Baltimore County 28,146 366 40.6 (↓) 697 5 25 0
Calvert 1,528 7 13.9 (↓) 35 3 1 0
Caroline 919 17 28.4 (↑) 10 0 0 0
Carroll 3,174 39 21.3 (↑) 132 1 3 0
Cecil 1,979 35 25.8 (↓) 39 2 3 0
Charles 4,184 26 24.5 (↓) 103 0 2 0
Dorchester 988 18 23.2 (↑) 15 0 0 0
Frederick 6,485 100 31.1 (↑) 138 0 8 0
Garrett 657 45 112.6 (↑) 4 0 0 0
Harford 5,805 91 36.3 (↓) 91 0 4 0
Howard 7,803 165 31.8 (↑) 133 2 6 0
Kent 425 9 24.5 (↓) 23 0 2 0
Montgomery 32,259 254 26.1 (↓) 897 3 42 0
Prince George's 40,095 305 39.0 (↓) 896 8 25 0
Queen Anne's 1,049 4 22.1 (↓) 26 0 1 0
Somerset 810 33 101.5 (↓) 8 0 0 0
St. Mary's 2,028 16 23.4 (↓) 61 0 0 0
Talbot 793 7 23.9 (↑) 7 0 0 0
Washington 3,982 135 57.4 (↑) 69 6 0 0
Wicomico 3,305 44 36.2 (↑) 59 1 0 0
Worcester 1,440 11 12.2 (↓) 35 0 1 0
Data not available 0 0 0.0 (→) 30 -13 0 -1
Demographic Total Cases Change Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
0-9 7,886 115 0 0 0 0
10-19 16,947 196 3 0 0 0
20-29 36,275 417 26 0 1 0
30-39 34,097 394 53 0 6 0
40-49 29,995 365 140 1 3 0
50-59 28,056 318 355 4 17 0
60-69 18,590 207 702 4 15 0
70-79 10,725 149 1,102 5 28 0
80+ 7,909 158 2,009 15 85 0
Data not available 0 0 2 0 0 0
Female 100,291 1,260 2,150 12 78 0
Male 90,189 1,059 2,242 17 77 0
Sex Unknown 0 0 0 0 0 0
Race Total Cases Change Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
African-American (NH) 57,241 697 1,725 10 57 0
White (NH) 56,850 1,130 1,938 22 79 0
Hispanic 36,842 297 481 4 13 0
Asian (NH) 3,730 61 158 0 6 0
Other (NH) 8,743 125 50 1 0 0
Data not available 27,074 9 40 -8 0 0
MAP (11/26/2020)
MAP 7 DAY AVERAGE OF NEW CASES PER 100,000 (11/26/2020)
TOTAL MD CASES (11/26/2020)
I am a bot. I was created to reproduce the useful daily reports from u/Bautch.
Image uploads are hosted on Imgur and will expire if not viewed within the last six months.
submitted by CovidMdBot to maryland [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 14:26 eZGjBw1Z What's New on OHLQ - Thursday 11/26/20

I hope everyone has the best Thanksgiving possible this year! Don't drink eat too much (wild) turkey!
Here are some of the interesting products that appeared in the 3:32 AM update of on 11/26/2020. This probably mostly includes data from yesterday's deliveries so some of it may have already sold out.
Some stores are receiving their delivery early this week since DHL doesn't deliver on Thanksgiving this Thursday. So far some stores have received their delivery one day early. They have been some odd appearances where a store only reports one or two new products and I've reported those as "special" deliveries that I'm not real sure about.
I'm utilizing an experimental technique to 'guess' where some hidden products may have shown up. The same ~1 day delay after delivery would apply and many of these products are likely to sell out fast. These guesses will be hidden like spoilers until you click on them like this: Spoiler.
Previous Update: What's New on OHLQ - Wednesday 11/25/20


List of stores for each product

BASIL HAYDENS 10 YEAR ($69.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Giant Eagle 290 E Aurora Rd, Northfield (Delivery one day early? Added Supply)
BLANTONS ($54.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Wine Reserve 16785 Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin Falls
  2. Jungle Jim's 4450 Eastgate S Dr, Cincinnati
  3. Village Keg 5 Enfield St, Cincinnati
  4. Kroger 7580 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati
  5. Kroger 3600 Soldano Boulevard, Columbus
  6. Weiland's Market 3600 Indianola Ave, Columbus
  7. Arrow Wine Stores 2950 Far Hills Ave, Dayton
  8. Noonan's Party Connection 1350 Main St, Hamilton
  9. Kroger 1501 W 5th St, Marysville
  10. Pauken Wine & Liquor 221 Golden Gate Shopping Center, Maumee
  11. Rite Aid Discount Pharmacy 4 Newark Rd, Mount Vernon
  12. Smoker Friendly Party Center 120 W State St, Newcomerstown
  13. Wine Works 1550 Commerce Rd, Springfield
  14. Gill's Beverage And Deli 13923 Prospect St, Strongsville
  15. Kroger 790 W Market St, Tiffin
  16. Kroger 60 Worthington Mall, Worthington
  17. Winerak Market 2336 Maple Ave, Zanesville
BOOKERS ($84.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Tony's Wine Barrel 1532 Home Ave, Akron
[Scotch] BRUICHLADDICH OCTOMORE 11.1 ($199.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Arena Wine & Spirits 492 Armstrong St, Columbus
[OHLQ Exclusive Tequila] DON JULIO REPOSADO BARREL ($65.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Kettering Wine & Spirits 1218 E Stroop Rd, Dayton (Special delivery two days early?)
[New Local] HOCKING HILLS BOURBON ($46.73 / 750 ML)
  1. Wine Reserve 16785 Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin Falls
  2. Giant Eagle 351 Center St, Chardon
  3. Kroger 7580 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati
  4. Giant Eagle 840 W 3rd Ave, Columbus
  5. Kroger 150 W Sycamore St, Columbus
  6. Arena Wine & Spirits 492 Armstrong St, Columbus
  7. Arrow Wine Stores 2950 Far Hills Ave, Dayton
  8. Giant Eagle 6700 Perimeter Loop Rd, Dublin
[Scotch] JOHNNIE WALKER YEAR OF THE OX ($259.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Tony's Wine Barrel 1532 Home Ave, Akron
  2. Giant Eagle 1250 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna
  3. O'Bryan's Wine & Spirits 8972 Columbia Rd, Loveland (Delivery one day early?)
KNOB CREEK 12 YEAR ($59.99 / 750 ML)
  1. ACME 2905 Whipple Ave NW, Canton (Added Supply)
  2. Kroger 1700 Cedar St, Fremont (Added Supply)
MACALLAN DOUBLE CASK 15YR ($134.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Leprechaun Party House 2707 Manchester Rd, Akron (Delivery one day early?)
  2. Ross Wine and Liquor 360 W Bagley Rd, Berea (Delivery one day early?)
  3. Giant Eagle 351 Center St, Chardon (Delivery one day early?)
  4. Houch's 1020 E Main St, Chillicothe (Delivery one day early?)
  5. Handy One Food Mart 3105 E Dorothy Ln, Dayton (Delivery one day early?)
  6. Jungle Jim's International Market 5440 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield (Delivery one day early?)
  7. 1837 Wine and Spirits Emporium 1383 E Johnstown Rd, Gahanna (Delivery one day early?)
  8. Liberty Wine & Liquor Liberty Square Drive Hamilton, Hamilton (Delivery one day early?)
  9. Independence Beverage 7103 Brecksville Rd, Independence (Delivery one day early?)
  10. O'Bryan's Wine & Spirits 8972 Columbia Rd, Loveland (Delivery one day early?)
  11. River's Bend Wine and Spirits 5974 OH-48, Maineville (Delivery one day early?)
  12. Golden Gate Beverage & Liquor 6105 Mayfield Rd, Mayfield Heights (Delivery one day early?)
  13. Royal Park Beverage 12770 Royalton Rd, North Royalton (Delivery one day early?)
  14. Kroger 3301 Navarre Ave, Oregon (Delivery one day early?)
  15. Kroger 548 Clinton Ave, Washington Court Hou (Delivery one day early?)
  16. A & C Southway Beverage 45 South Ave, Youngstown (Delivery one day early?)
  1. Arena Wine & Spirits 492 Armstrong St, Columbus
[Japanese] NIKKA FROM THE BARREL ($69.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Pat O'Brien's Fine Wines 30800 Pinetree Rd, Cleveland
  2. Ale Wine and Spirits 7560 Guard Well St, Powell
  1. Jungle Jim's International Market 5440 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield (Delivery one day early?)
OLD FORESTER 1910 ($54.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Zagara's Marketplace 1940 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights (Should have received their delivery on Monday)
  2. World Wines And Liquor 10275 Northfield Rd, Northfield (Delivery one day early?)
OLD OVERHOLT 11 YEAR ($74.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Giant Eagle 2687 State Rd, Cuyahoga Falls
  2. Pauken Wine & Liquor 221 Golden Gate Shopping Center, Maumee
  3. Twinsburg Beverage 9224 Darrow Rd, Twinsburg (Added Supply)
OLD OVERHOLT 114 ($29.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Weiland's Market 3600 Indianola Ave, Columbus
  2. Kroger 7345 OH-3, Westerville
  1. Silver Spirits Liquor Agency 1482 N Portage Path, Akron
  2. Jungle Jim's 4450 Eastgate S Dr, Cincinnati
  3. Kroger 199 Graceland Blvd, Columbus (Delivery one day early?)
  4. Arena Wine & Spirits 492 Armstrong St, Columbus
  5. Weiland's Market 3600 Indianola Ave, Columbus
  6. Giant Eagle 6700 Perimeter Loop Rd, Dublin
  7. Golden Gate Beverage & Liquor 6105 Mayfield Rd, Mayfield Heights (Delivery one day early?)
  8. Giant Eagle 15919 Pearl Rd, Strongsville
  9. A & C Southway Beverage 45 South Ave, Youngstown (Delivery one day early?)
RITTENHOUSE RYE ($25.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Kroger 150 W Sycamore St, Columbus (Added Supply)
  2. Weiland's Market 3600 Indianola Ave, Columbus
  3. Kroger 811 Gay St, Portsmouth
  4. Winerak Market 2336 Maple Ave, Zanesville (Added Supply)
[Scotch] TALISKER 18 ($169.99 / 750 ML)
  1. 1837 Wine and Spirits Emporium 1383 E Johnstown Rd, Gahanna (Delivery one day early?)
  2. Green Road Liquor 2181 S Green Rd, University Heights (Special delivery two days early? Only one other new product reported)
[New Scotch] TALISKER 8 YEAR ($109.99 / 750 ML)
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  3. Jungle Jim's International Market 5440 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield (Delivery one day early?)
[New Local] TWO STICK SOUR MASH MOONSHINE ($20.00 / 750 ML)
  1. Arrow Wine Stores 2950 Far Hills Ave, Dayton
WELLER ANTIQUE ($49.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Silver Spirits Liquor Agency 1482 N Portage Path, Akron
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  6. Arena Wine & Spirits 492 Armstrong St, Columbus
  7. Kroger 5991 S Sunbury Rd, Columbus
  8. Handy One Food Mart 3105 E Dorothy Ln, Dayton (Delivery one day early?)
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  10. Kroger 1425 Columbus Ave, Lebanon
  11. River's Bend Wine and Spirits 5974 OH-48, Maineville (Delivery one day early?)
  12. Kroger 1501 W 5th St, Marysville
  13. Royal Park Beverage 12770 Royalton Rd, North Royalton (Delivery one day early?)
WELLER SPECIAL RESERVE ($49.99 / 1.75 Liter)
  1. Jungle Jim's 4450 Eastgate S Dr, Cincinnati
  2. Take-A-Break Liquor 10976 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati (Delivery one day early?)
  3. Kroger 7580 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati
  4. Bexley Liquor Agency 2173 E Livingston Ave, Columbus
  5. Kroger 199 Graceland Blvd, Columbus (Delivery one day early?)
  6. Handy One Food Mart 3105 E Dorothy Ln, Dayton (Delivery one day early?)
  7. Jungle Jim's International Market 5440 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield (Delivery one day early?)
  8. Noonan's Party Connection 1350 Main St, Hamilton
  9. O'Bryan's Wine & Spirits 8972 Columbia Rd, Loveland (Delivery one day early?)
  10. River's Bend Wine and Spirits 5974 OH-48, Maineville (Delivery one day early?)
  11. The Wine Connection 1258 S.R. 28 Miami Twp., Milford (Delivery one day early?)
  12. Rite Aid Discount Pharmacy 4 Newark Rd, Mount Vernon
  13. Kroger 7345 OH-3, Westerville
  1. Wine Reserve 16785 Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin Falls
  2. Pauken Wine & Liquor 221 Golden Gate Shopping Center, Maumee
  3. Giant Eagle 290 E Aurora Rd, Northfield (Delivery one day early?)
[New Canadian] WHISTLEPIG HOMESTOCK ($72.99 / 750 ML)
  1. Silver Spirits Liquor Agency 1482 N Portage Path, Akron
  2. ACME 2905 Whipple Ave NW, Canton
  3. Wine Reserve 16785 Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin Falls
  4. Giant Eagle 840 W 3rd Ave, Columbus
  5. Kroger 150 W Sycamore St, Columbus
  6. Chateau Wine & Spirits 2131 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus
  7. Arena Wine & Spirits 492 Armstrong St, Columbus
  8. Weiland's Market 3600 Indianola Ave, Columbus
  9. Arrow Wine Stores 2950 Far Hills Ave, Dayton
  10. Giant Eagle 6700 Perimeter Loop Rd, Dublin
  11. Giant Eagle 1250 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna
  12. Giant Eagle 3841 S Hamilton Rd, Groveport
  13. Kroger 1501 W 5th St, Marysville
  14. Giant Eagle 1955 E Maple St, North Canton
  15. Ale Wine and Spirits 7560 Guard Well St, Powell
  16. Kroger 3975 Powell Rd, Powell
  17. Wine Works 1550 Commerce Rd, Springfield
  18. Giant Eagle 15919 Pearl Rd, Strongsville
  19. Twinsburg Beverage 9224 Darrow Rd, Twinsburg
  20. Kroger 7345 OH-3, Westerville
  21. Kroger 60 Worthington Mall, Worthington
  22. Winerak Market 2336 Maple Ave, Zanesville
  1. Silver Spirits Liquor Agency 1482 N Portage Path, Akron
  2. Wine Reserve 16785 Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin Falls
  3. Giant Eagle 351 Center St, Chardon (Delivery one day early?)
  4. Jungle Jim's 4450 Eastgate S Dr, Cincinnati
  5. Kroger 7580 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati
  6. Giant Eagle 840 W 3rd Ave, Columbus
  7. Kroger 150 W Sycamore St, Columbus
  8. Chateau Wine & Spirits 2131 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus
  9. Arena Wine & Spirits 492 Armstrong St, Columbus
  10. Kroger 5991 S Sunbury Rd, Columbus
  11. Weiland's Market 3600 Indianola Ave, Columbus
  12. Giant Eagle 2687 State Rd, Cuyahoga Falls
  13. Arrow Wine Stores 2950 Far Hills Ave, Dayton
  14. Giant Eagle 6700 Perimeter Loop Rd, Dublin
  15. Jungle Jim's International Market 5440 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield (Delivery one day early?)
  16. Kroger 101 6th St, Findlay
  17. 1837 Wine and Spirits Emporium 1383 E Johnstown Rd, Gahanna (Delivery one day early?)
  18. Giant Eagle 1250 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna
  19. Noonan's Party Connection 1350 Main St, Hamilton
  20. O'Bryan's Wine & Spirits 8972 Columbia Rd, Loveland (Delivery one day early?)
  21. River's Bend Wine and Spirits 5974 OH-48, Maineville (Delivery one day early?)
  22. Kroger 1501 W 5th St, Marysville
  23. Pauken Wine & Liquor 221 Golden Gate Shopping Center, Maumee
  24. The Wine Connection 1258 S.R. 28 Miami Twp., Milford (Delivery one day early?)
  25. Kroger 3033 Heritage Green Dr, Monroe
  26. Royal Park Beverage 12770 Royalton Rd, North Royalton (Delivery one day early?)
  27. Giant Eagle 7400 Broadview Rd, Parma
  28. Ale Wine and Spirits 7560 Guard Well St, Powell
  29. Giant Eagle 15919 Pearl Rd, Strongsville
  30. Kroger 7345 OH-3, Westerville
  31. Kroger 60 Worthington Mall, Worthington
  32. Winerak Market 2336 Maple Ave, Zanesville
  1. Weiland's Market 3600 Indianola Ave, Columbus (Added Supply)
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2020.11.26 13:35 theblobAZ My Experience Purchasing an iPhone 12 Pro Max and Exchanging it for an iPhone Mini

Hello all. Wanted to write this out before I forget the events that have taken place over the last week. On 11/6 I preordered the iPhone 12 Pro Max (Pacific Blue 256GB-Verizon financed). It was received 11/13 and I started using it. I was amazed by the phone overall, but after using it a few days I knew it wasn’t the iPhone for me. So I made an appointment at the Apple Store in Chandler, AZ to swap it out for the Mini. On 11/19 I went to the Apple store for my appointment.
Upon arriving at the store I waited in line for my appointment time, went through the health screening, and went in to meet the salesperson. I explained to them that the phone was great but just wasn’t for me-it was just too big and heavy for a daily use phone (especially since I had recently purchased an iPad Air 4). So they had an iPhone 12 Mini (Product Red 256GB) brought out and we started the transaction. This is where things get “interesting”.
I had figured that they would simply cancel out the original transaction for the 12 Pro Max and create a new transaction/financing for the 12 Mini. That’s not at all what they did. They left the financing for the 12 Pro Max on my Verizon account and returned the 12 Pro Max-partially onto gift cards and partially onto a debit card refund. The amount of the gift cards was $344x2, so $688 total-with another $260 to be refunded to my debit card (hint-it’s still not been refunded). None of this makes sense to me because I didn’t pay cash for the phone, and also because I was trading in my iPhone XR for the 12 Pro Max it makes the math way more complex. Apple employee said it was because “they want to make a more streamlined experience for the customer”.
Ok then..
So I get on with the transaction. I need to pay $169 today to “upgrade” to the 12 Mini because the gift cards didn’t cover the amount and the carrier financed about $101 of the new phone, but I’m told with the refund I’m getting it will “even out”. Things are not really adding up, but I mean-it’s apple right? Surely they wouldn’t mess up this transaction. I’m sure I’m not the first person to want to exchange an iPhone for a different model. I pay the price difference. So at this point the 12 Pro Max is returned and the 12 Mini is mine.
So now the question-what to do with the XR that I was originally going to trade in? I brought it to the store with me to make it easier than mailing it in, but the salesperson tells me “since the original transaction was returned you don’t need to send it in for that order, and since we have already paid for the 12 Mini the $400+ trade in offer for upgrading couldn’t be applied”. So then he tells me I can trade it in for a $250 gift card in store, which I do to buy a case, screen protector, and Apple Pencil for my new iPad, as well as a case for my mothers 12 Pro Max. He gives me my case for free for the inconvenience of it taking so long in the Apple store, which was cool for sure.
So now we’re setting up the 12 Mini. The 12 Pro Max had the iCloud backup updated and was then erased, and I’m working on restoring the iCloud update-but I’m unable to receive the iCloud login code on my new iPhone to continue with setting it up (didn’t have my iPad on me that day). Then I realize the 12 Mini isn’t active-despite the salesperson going through the Steps to activate it on my line. A quick call to Verizon yields no results, and I’m referred to the nearby Verizon store for assistance. I leave the Apple store and walk a short distance through the mall to the Verizon store and get started there.
At this point I’ve been in the mall just over two hours. At the Verizon store (which was thankfully empty) they start trying to fix the issue. After another hour and a half of troubleshooting I’m told Verizon can’t activate the phone because there is a pending billing agreement on my line that has to be cleared out before they can do anything, and I need to go back to the Apple store to fix the issue.
Back to the Apple Store-I wait in line again for another 30 minutes or so before being greeted by a new salesperson as the previous is now on lunch. Different Apple representatives tried to fixed the issue and placed calls to Verizon and in the end we ended up simply taking the SIM card from my old 12 Pro Max and swapping it to the 12 Mini to get the phone to work. Finally I receive my iCloud login code and I start the software update and restore needed to get my data. This took well over an hour but we did get it done.
So it took over 5 hours for what I thought would be a simple transaction. Big mistake. Nothing was simple or easy about this transaction.
The problem is-now my Verizon bill has about $950 financed on it for the 12 Pro Max (which was about the purchase price after my iPhone XR trade in), plus another $100 for the 12 Mini, plus I paid $169 out of pocket. Apple assures me that it will even out when the $260 debit card refund arrives, but I’m still financing WAY more than the 12 Mini costs-which makes no sense. After the transaction I received an email asking for a review of my transactions at the Apple Store. I did not leave a great review because of how things were handled, and Friday morning I received a call from a supervisor or manager at the Chandler Apple Store.
I explain why I am unsatisfied and why this transaction doesn’t make any sense to me. Obviously this is all VERY confusing to me and I don’t see how the math adds up. The supervisor says “the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be taken off of your Verizon account in 3-5 business days and you’ll only have the financing for the 12 Mini”. I expressed my concern in regards to that statement-since the 12 Pro Max was returned as if I had paid cash for it rather than sending the money back to the carrier, but he assured me that this is how it will work, and he will call me back Monday to see if my account has updated.
Monday comes, and the account has not updated. He says “let’s give it till Wednesday and I’ll call you back to see where we are”. Wednesday comes-12Pro Max and 12 Mini are both listed in the financed devices for my account. I receive the call and explain that nothing has changed and I’m growing weary of anything changing. He starts to say that I need to contact Verizon and explain to them that the 12 Pro Max needs to be removed from my account since it was returned. I told him that seems like something that Apple needs to take care of-why would Verizon simply remove nearly $1000 of financing because “I asked them to”? He mentions that Apple has no access to customer cellular accounts, and I said “wait-so you guys have made this mistake in the billing for my new phone and have no way to fix it? You just leave it to me to clean up this huge mess?!” He then explained that Apple will do whatever is necessary to make the transaction right and apologized for inconvenience so far. He says “technically it could take 5 business days, so let’s give it till Friday and then see where we stand”.
So now here we are-waiting until Friday to see if this giant clusterF fixes itself. I have a feeling it isn’t going to, and this process is just getting started. But I guess we’ll see.
So for the long-winded post. This has basically been a nightmare so far so I wanted to get down as many of the facts that I could before I forget things. I will update this post with what happens next if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading.
submitted by theblobAZ to iphone [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 05:42 santafe_5 Continued Education - GYM 103

Thanks to all of you for your support! I love reading all the comments and hearing your thoughts. I will be taking a few days break after this story while I visit friends and family for the holidays. To all the those celebrating, happy Thanksgiving! And to those not, continue being awesome and staying safe!
It was a clear, quiet, beautiful day on the alien planet. The skies were a beautiful red-orange color from the iron-rich dust the planet has, looking like a softer version of a Terran sunset stretched out to encompass an entire day. What an actual sunset on this planet might look like was an exciting prospect.
The animals were chirping, squeaking, and one was even making a deep thunking sound. Perhaps all planets may have their animal symphonies where the occasional member being out of tune. Or is that just the purpose of the tuba player? To just be the odd one in the bunch.
None of this bothered Milo on his walk, though. It was all excited actually. Entirely new with the novelty of it all still carrying a child-like sense of wonder at every sight, sound, and smell. Despite all of the newness, truthfully, he was mostly excited to finally have some free time to himself. It had been very hectic the first two (days) attending the GU Orion. He spent most of yesterday in alternating meetings between the principal, counsellor, and the head of campus security. He was being interrogated by the head of security as to what form of experimental weapon was used by he and Sean to cause the walking-talking salt lick to completely break down. The counsellor wanted to know what triggered the, until that point, unheard of case of an inorganic losing its mental faculties. Finally, the principal wanted to make it clear that he and Sean were both under heavy scrutiny now. More incidents such as this will result in punishments, censure, or possible expulsion if it is discovered they were/are doing this on purpose. After a day like that, he was more than ready to visit the gym to work off his frustrations and extra energy.
He was taking his time getting there, letting himself getting lost in the flowers. Well, they looked like flowers at least. Bright, colorful petals and sweet scents rose up to greet him as he walked past. He didn't want to get too close to find out whether they were mundane flowers however. For all he knew, these were other Florixians, and this was how they slept. He wouldn't want to be woken up to some alien sniffing his body, making all kinds of strange faces. He shuddered at the thought. No, he'd leave those discoveries for the American. He seems like he wanders into plenty of those situations.
Now content, Milo continues his walk towards the impressively sized gymnasium. He approaches the massive glass entrance of the building, noting the apparent disdain for straight edges the designer of the building had. And an absolute obsession for glass. Everywhere he looked, Milo saw glass. Glass that looked like it was flowing water rushing over the plaza as if it was being spilled from the roof of the gym. Glass statues and monuments, refracting the twin sun's light into intricate shapes. The refractions seeming to form loose silhouettes of different species. These images seemed to dance or sway with each other as the suns moved about in the sky. Milo couldn't help but let out an impressed whistle. Whatever the builder's obsession with glass was, at least they knew their stuff. After enjoying the light show for a few (minutes), he decides its time to head inside.
He is immediately greeted by a rush of cool air. Cool air and smell that was... oddly familiar. Like his favorite Parisian fromagerie (cheese shop), the Bâton Roue de Fromage. Not really that typical for a gym to smell of, though he couldn't complain too much. He didn't want to think of the horrors that would be cleaning up the byproduct of dozens of different species exercising in the same building. The weird smells were more than an acceptable trade off.
Pushing those thoughts from his mind, he continued through the spacious lobby filled with more, you guessed it, intricate and beautiful installations of glasswork. Milo briefly considered that there was possibly such a thing as too much. Too much aesthetics going on with all the art around him. And that's when it hit him. A sudden fear, reaching deeper than he knew was possible, a fear so basic it affected him at the primal level. He recounts, in growing terror, as he, a proud Frenchman, considered that there could be such a thing as too much beauty. Too much art.
"Excuse me." Comes a wheezing voice.
Oh no, what would his parents think? Could he even face his parents after having those thoughts? It must be normal, right? Everybody must think at some point in their life that there can be too much art, even if that's not true.
"Excuse me." The voice asks again, growing agitated.
What will happen when the French-quisition finds out? Sure, they're only a rumor, but still. A group of people of that are supposedly the very best at tracking down the anti-aesthetic people of France. Really more of a conspiracy theory like the Illuminati. Would the confiscate my passport, exiling me here? Wipe my memories of today? Or worse yet, would they revoke my museum and art collection passes, barring from ever seeing such fine works of art again?!
"If you continue to ignore me, then you will NOT be granted entrance into the gymnasium, student!" A now irate voice said, snapping Milo from the rapidly spiraling out of control thoughts he was having.
He turns his eyes to an amorphous blob creature behind a counter. He somehow managed to make it to the reception desk in his panicked state.
He clears his throat. "I am very sorry about that. I was lost in thought and meant no disrespect." That seems to have satisfied the alien as it deflated at the apology.
"Hmph. Very well, I accept your apology. Now then, I need you to fill out this form for you to get your pass. I also need your full legal name, species, and student ID to complete your registration." The alien said. Milo wasn't even sure how to classify the thing. It spoke (maybe?) through bubbles roiling up to its surface before coming out like belches, burps, and squelches. That would explain the wheezing sound the translator gave the thing.
He had to call it something in his mind, so he decided to settle on the alien being a 'gas bag' for now. It was a fitting name, all things considered. The experience he's had so far was very unnerving, especially after going through the refined works of art he witnessed. And now he was listening to what might be the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. A talking pile of liquified garbage and swamp water.
Milo takes the form and fills in the personal information, including his name, species, and student ID. He moves on to the next and last section of the form. Huh, a form that is actually quite concise. You never see that anymore with bureaucracies. And look at that, he only needed to fill it out in duplicate rather than triplicate. How convenient.
He reads through the section, which asks what kind of exercise activities his species engages in. It indicates something about the kind of pass he would receive to allow him or prevent him from gaining access to certain activities based on the his indications. He reads through the list of items they have, marking the ones he can do as he goes. They list swimming, diving, running, walking, climbing, flying, sparring, free weights, cardio routines, anaerobic and aerobic exercises, machine weights, and several other options. He simply flies down the list, marking all of the activities except for flying as ones he can do. He does wonder why walking and running were listed separately though.
Satisfied, he returns the form back to the aged pudding alien before him. They seem to look it over, inputting information into their tablet. When they get to the second section, a bubbling sigh can be heard. "Sir..." it begins, referencing the form. "That's right, sir is correct. Sir, you know that marking the boxes means you CAN engage in these activities, safely, yes?" The glorified receptionist asks.
Milo simply nods his head. "Yes, that's what the instructions said to do." He replies. The receptionist looks at him for several long (seconds).
"And you know lying on a form will get you expelled from the university?" It asks, dubiously.
Again, Milo nods. "I am aware. I was recently reminded, actually." He answers, remembering back to the previous day's conversation with the principal.
A few more moments of staring and the receptionist keys in more data. "Very well, I don't feel like discussing this again, so I'll give you your passes." It says.
"Wait, passes? As in multiple? I thought I only needed one." Milo asks.
"Normally." The receptionist answers cryptically. Several (minutes) pass and the receptionist leans under their desk to grab several wrist bands. "This is appropriate for your species, yes? You place them on your wrist. If not, just pick some place you can easily place next to a scanner and wear them there. No sexual organs though. Nasty thing, the last and first time a student did that." It said, wobbling about in a manner the translator indicated was its equivalent of disapprovingly shaking its head.
Milo decides not to open that can of worms and instead looks at what appears could be the beginnings of a sillyband collection. All the colors of the rainbow are present before him. "Uh, yeah that's fine, but... why so many of them?" He asks.
"You checked basically every box so you got basically every color. Simple as that." The now bemused receptionist replies. Whether they were purposefully being obtuse or it was purely coincidental, Milo didn't want to spend anymore time to find out. He simply takes the near dozen wrist bands and places half of them on each wrist, turning to walk away. He looks at his wrists. Not even inside and he's annoyed. 11. 11 Wrist bands. An odd number. With a sigh, he continues into the gymnasium proper like he intended.
Milo takes a look around from where he stands. Before him is a massive open area. He appears to be standing on some sort of balcony over looking a lower level. The lower floor seems to be where the swimming pools and some smaller pools and ponds are. Really anything aquatic seems to be placed inside this level. The balcony forms a large ring above the aquatic area, letting people peer down as they walk along the balcony to other themed rooms.
Deciding to walk along the uneven track designed to feel more like the untouched surface of a planet that runs the length of the circular ring surrounding the aquatic level, Milo begins taking in the different equipment.
In what must be the climbing section of the massive gym, Milo is greeted to the sight of many rows of nearly constantly changing rock walls. Sometimes they are rocky, other times they are more like a forest canopy. It seems those using one can adjust the settings on them to what they prefer, and the walls just cycle through their different forms until they're used. Next to those are artificial trees, presumably for those that really like to climb around treetops.
In the next room is what Milo would normally expect to see in a gym. Mostly different machines and free weights, though the set up for many are very unusual. That probably has to do with the wide range of physiques and requirements that come with accommodating so many species. He was going to continue looking around, when he spots a large group of students seemed to be focused around a tower. He didn't notice it at first, but the tower led up for quite a ways into the air. There was another one across the span of the gap between the two railings. Between them were a series of hanging rings tightly packed, but separated at even points. The only thing below them was the lower floor with all the aquatic pools.
Curious about what was happening, Milo made his way over to the group. Some noticed him and began edging away for him to make room towards the center of the crowd. He could make out murmurs of "something stupid" about to happen. He had no idea what that would be, but apparently those that were here were nonetheless eager to find out the result.
When he came to the center of the group, he realized that the French-quisition must be real, and that they work quickly as some French-quisitors have decided his punishment already. Suddenly, climbing an ever-changing rock wall for eternity didn't sound so bad. Or now that he thought about it, the distance from the railing to the level below didn't seem that high. Maybe he'd even land in some water. Or something close enough to water.
Milo's mental ramblings were once again cut short as a familiar voice rang out. "Heyo, Milo! Didn't expect to see you here, man!" said a very excited Sean. He was waving his hand to Milo, who noticed that the American had an arm covered with bands, even a few more than him.
"You won't believe this, but look who I ran into!" Sean says, motioning over to some orange cat girl. Milo was about to ask if Sean seriously expected him to know random aliens when it hit him. Trying to remember the previous classes, yeah, that fits perfectly like Sean's description in his report. "You must be... Palloi, right?" Milo asks. Now that Milo looks at him, he does see how Sean made the mistake. He would have made the same mistake, but Sean will never know that.
The cat boy smiles and nods. "Yuuup. That'd be me. Did Sean tell you to come? He's gotten pretty reckless with this crowd around. If I didn't neow any better, I'd think he wanted his Terran friend to see his dangerous behavior." He says.
"Pfft, you call it reckless only because you lack confidence in me. That's ok though because I've got enough confidence in me for the both of us!" Retorts the ceaselessly manic Sean.
"Woah woah, stop. What are you planning to do? And why do you have even more bands than me? There wasn't anything else we could do. I marked everything except for the flying and lava pool activities." Milo said, glaring at Sean with his arms crossed over his chest.
"Oh these extra ones? Well I probably have them because checked off the flying box." Sean said, seemingly finding nothing wrong with his reasoning.
Milo's sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, something he was growing used to by now. Hopefully it didn't form into a habit. "And why did you mark that as something you can do? You can't fly."
Sean grins mischievously as Palloi closes his eyes and seems to be preparing himself to hear something he's heard several times already. "My good sir, who says I cannot fly?"
"Reality." Milo interjects.
"Oh really? Birds, when they fly, they do so only for a some period of time, right? They land eventually, correct?" Sean asks, adopting a posh English accent.
Feeling a poorly set up trap coming, Milo decides to humor Sean, interested in the half-logic he'll come up with. "That seems true so far." He concedes.
"Well, when I fly, I just so happen to remain in the air for a certain amount of time until I need to land as well." Sean continues, waving a hand as if to dismiss a coming comment. "I may only fly in one direction, down, but I still fly regardless, even if only for a few seconds. Therefore I am eligible to play- I mean exercise with the flying equipment." Sean nods his head and smiles, satisfied with his no doubt soundless logic.
Palloi just shakes his head while Milo just gives in. He raises his hands in defeat. "Fine. Go. Go do whatever you're gonna do. If you fly to your death, it's on you. Our hands are clean in this. No way you don't know how stupid this is." Milo explains.
Sean takes a dramatic bow and smiles. "Thanks for your permission, dad." He says cheekily.
"You're his father? You both look the same age though." Palloi states, making quick glances between the two Terrans.
"No, I'm not. Sean is just stupid. Just like how he thought you were a female." Milo tries his best to quickly defuse a potentially disastrous situation.
"So Sean has vision problems? Or trouble correctly associating people with the correct interpersonal relationship?" Palloi asks, seemingly growing interested in the topic.
"Sure, that's fine for now." Milo knows when to stop while he's ahead.
"Now, if you two are quite finished, I have some fun stuff to do. See you on the other side!" Shouts Sean as he begins scaling the tower before either can get a word in.
"Did he just say he'd see us on the other side?" Milo asks Palloi.
"He did." Responds the walking otaku bait.
"Alright. So then I should probably be looking down so I can tell the first responders where to find him?" Suggests Milo.
"Probably a good idea." Palloi agrees.
The two watch Sean finish climbing the tower with the other gym goers. Palloi was beginning to think he was understanding what an American is now. It must be the name for a cultural subset of Terrans that actively seek out dangerous things. They must be a rather small portion of the Terrain population judging by the lack of survival instincts this American was displaying.
Sean peers down at the crowd below him, waving to his two friends who awkwardly wave back. Milo is feeling like he's sending a fool off to get themselves hurt. No, he can't say he thinks that because it's exactly what he's doing. His thoughts on the matter stop when he sees more movement up on the tower.
Sean takes a running start, sprinting a few feet before jumping into the air.
Milo's hands go to Palloi's eyes. "Yeah, you don't need to see this." He says to the surprised tabby cat. Milo feels Palloi tense up, probably preparing himself for the result of a series of poor choices.
Palloi expects to hear a scream, but instead hears surprised gasps and a muted 'what ze fuck?' come from Milo. Palloi reaches up to remove Milo's hands from his eyes, consequences be damned.
"Neow way..." Palloi says, shocked.
Both Milo and Palloi stood in stunned silence as they saw Sean move from ring to ring, treating them as playground equipment. Granted it did look a bit like playground equipment, but it was playground equipment suspended dozens of feet in the air with only pools of possibly water under it if you fell. And here Sean was, making his way one ring at a time with his trademark goofy grin plastered over his face.
That entire portion of the gym grew silent as anyone nearby was watching a primate trying to use aerial equipment as if they were tree branches.
He was practically the entire way there, but just was his hand reached out to grab the next ring, his fingers slipped, causing him to miss his hold and falling as he had already let go of the other ring due to his automated stride. Sean saw the world begin to spin.
Milo and Palloi were already racing down when they saw Sean's grip slip, sending him tumbling down. Palloi was communicating with the campus emergency response team through his comms device. 'We're about to be at that level, we didn't see where he fell before we left to find him." He's telling the operator in a panicked voice.
"That damn idiot would slip up at the last moment. Of course he would prove me wrong, just to end up proving me right in the end. The nerve of him! That infuriating American!" Milo growls as they burst through the doors to the lower level.
There weren't any panicked aliens or a fresh coat of red paint anywhere, so that was a good sign.
They began walking in, when laughter caused them both to turn to their right.
A soaked Sean was busy playing with what may have been the fluffiest sea lion Milo's ever seen. It didn't have any right being that fluffy since it was aquatic, but here it was, swimming with Sean in a tank apparently safe enough for Terrans. Presumably where Sean fell in as well.
"Everything ok?" A voice asks. It was the operator. Palloi is quick to answer. "Oh, yeah. Neowthing to worry about. I am sorry for calling. Our friend splashed into a pool. He's ok, you don't have to come anymore, but thank you." The operator acknowledges and says to call back if anything happens before hanging up.
Milo returns his focus to a perpetually oblivious Sean. Who decided he was going to do something insanely stupid, fall, and upon surviving that fall, decides to play with the water doggo rather than call his friends. Milo took a deep breath and calmed himself. "Nope. Not in front of the cat and the dog." He says quietly.
Palloi's ears flick, hearing that. "What's a cat and a dog?"
Milo shakes his head. "You'd have to ask Sean about that one." Nope, not gonna be his problem. "I'm gonna go ahead and leave for now. I really do not want to know what happens next." Milo says, turning around and leaving now that he knows Sean isn't injured. At least physically.
"Ha ha! Splish splash, splish splash!" Coos a very pleased Sean.
And with that, I hope you enjoy the story so far. Again, I will be gone for a few days, but I hope all of you enjoyed this. I know how hard it can be not to get your daily fix of a series you like. But think of the future! Will these two ever make it to graduation? Will they even live to sophomore year? I will probably find out right along side y'all! Also, I will not apologize for the awful pun. Yes it was bad and yes, knowing that all of you groaned when reading it does provide me the sustenance to continue these.
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2020.11.26 00:45 WilliamtheWeird Plz help a struggling Psych 101 student get enough data for his project on Mindfulness and Quality of Life :((

Hi all! I'm collecting data for a research project, and I would appreciate it if some of you could help me by filling out this survey:
Here's some additional information if you are interested in participating and would like to know more:
My survey is related to whether or not practicing meditating can predict one's personal feeling of thriving in their lives. The survey should take no more than five to ten minutes to complete. My goal is to evaluate the potential efficacy of mindfulness as an intervention to mediate the indirect negative effects of COVID 19 on quality of life.
All are welcome to respond, but I would appreciate responses from those who have experience with meditation especially.
As previously mentioned, the survey is designed to investigate the relationship between mindfulness and thriving in one's life. The questions of this survey involve assessments of wellbeing; such questions may cause emotional discomfort.
No personal information aside from demographic measures will be collected; however, if you wish to receive a follow-up email regarding my findings, you may provide your email at the end. Emails will be encrypted and stripped from the dataset before analysis.
Thank you all in advance!
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2020.11.25 21:56 ar_david_hh Nov/25/2020 news wrap-up: \\ 50,000 refugees return home \\ French Senate: Artsakh must be officially recognized \\ economy & business \\ cabinet shakeup & opposition demonstrations \\ Gagik Tsarukyan \\ Pashinyan interview to TASS \\ village Charektar \\ POWs & searches \\ healthcare \\ other news

Your 11-minute Wednesday report in 2603 words. The next post will likely be on Sunday.

French Senate calls for official recognition of Artsakh

The Senate voted 305-1 to approve the non-binding resolution to urge the government to officially recognize the Republic of Artsakh.
It took into account the following:
1) European agencies concluded that Armenians cannot live under Azeri rule today due to anti-Armenian racism.
2) The history of war crimes against Armenian civilians living in Azerbaijan (Sumgayit and Baku massacres).
3) Turkey's role in aiding Azerbaijan and meddling in other countries' affairs.
It condemns Azerbaijan for involving foreign mercenaries.
PM Pashinyan: The decision by the French Senate is historic. The recognition of Artsakh is now on the international agenda.
Artsakh MFA Mayilyan: What's notable is that the resolution urges the restoration of 1994 borders, which, in essence, were enshrined in the trilateral statement signed by Azerbaijan and Armenia.
We express our deep gratitude to the Senators and everyone who invested efforts to make this historic decision possible.
Azerbaijan's refusal to discuss their occupation of Artsakh lands removes all the barriers for the international community to recognize Artsakh.
Video of the vote:

pandemic economics

The economic activity index declined -8.1% in October YoY.
Consumer product inflation +1.3%, industrial product inflation +4.1%.
Average nominal monthly salaries +1%.
Construction +0.3%. Electricity production +3%. Industry -3%. External trade -18%. Exports -5%. Imports -24%. Volume of Services -24%.
In the January-October period, the economic activity index declined by -6.7%.

the national debut reduced by $101m

August: 3t 803b 52m
September: down by 52 billion ($101 million)
External debt reduced by $71.5m.
Internal debt reduced by $29.6m.

business & investment environment

Pashinyan continues to hold meetings with representatives of the business world about boosting economic activity. Today he met the representatives from the electric grid network, Gazprom, RenShin construction, Nushikyan Association. founder Vahan Qerobyan: // Armenia's investment policy must undergo radical changes. We need to remove the barriers to attract direct and indirect investments from abroad and internally.
The economy is open for investors, but there are bureaucratic and legal challenges that halted foreign investment in the past 2 years (possibly referring to the suspended Amulsar gold mine and uncertainty around it).
The problem is in the judicial branch and the lack of human capital. We need to show investors that they can have a profitable business after investing here. The public is waiting for rapid economic growth because the challenges we face have increased.
During the meeting with Pashinyan, we discussed ways to improve Armenia's economy in general, besides focusing on individual businesses. //
Update: the media circulated rumors that Vahan Qerobyan will be appointed as Finance Minister. ,

government cabinet shakeup continues

The recently-resigned Education Minister Arayik Harutyunyan has been appointed as Pashinyan's chief adviser.
Naira Margaryan is no longer the deputy Economy Minister.
Deputy Justice Minister Rafik Grigoryan is out.
Mesrop Mesropyan is the new governor of Kotayk.
One PM cabinet official was fired, while two others were appointed in Diaspora Committee.
QP MP Varazdan Karapetyan has resigned. He will be appointed as Armenia's trade representative in China. "Today, more than ever, Armenia needs new connections, markets, opportunities, new investments," said the MP.

opposition continues to demand Pashinyan's resignation

ARF activists held a demonstration in front of the ruling party's headquarters. "Shame, traitor."
The board of directors of the Academy of Sciences joined the calls for PM's resignation, calling the November 9th document a "humiliation and a loss of land". The letter criticized past and present governments for "not doing enough for modernizing the weapons arsenal".
[anti-Pashinyan] Activist-lawyer Avetik Ishkhanyan was briefly detained by police for questioning for unspecified reasons. The Helsinki Committee NGO's Armenian branch urged authorities to immediately release him.
Upon his release, Ishkhanyan clarified that it was over a physical fight that he was involved in recently. He met one of his former clients who badmouthed him. It turned into a physical fight. Both were detained. He believes he was a political provocation. [I blame gangsta rap] ,
Ara Abrahamyan, a Moscow-based businessman and chairman of the Armenian Union, joined the calls to demand PM's resignation.
Vahagn Vermishyan is holding a hunger strike in jail with demand for Pashinyan's resignation. Vermishyan is the former Yerevan municipality official who was caught in February taking a bribe from Tsarukyan-allied construction company. He confessed.
Vermishyan was arrested in February, but the investigation had begun in 2019. This is the investigation that led to the raid against the bribe-giver construction company which led to the revelation of documents that allegedly showed that Tsarukyan paid this construction company bribes to buy voters in 2017.
Political experts believe that when Tsarukyan found out about the pending case against him, he began positioning himself as a strong anti-Pashinyan politician (earlier this year) so he could present the upcoming felony case as "political persecution" by Pashinyan.

Gagik Tsarukyan: businessman or politician?

The Corruption Prevention Committee (CPC) launched an investigation against BHK leader Tsarukyan back in July and recently sent a petition to Parliament to take action against him due to his alleged violation of a "conflict of interest" law that bars Parliament MPs from running a business.
CPC has 4 board members. 1 is appointed by the government, 2 by the opposition, 1 by judges. All 4 members signed the decision to ask Parliament to take action against Tsarukyan.
CPC chairwoman: // Tsarukyan appointed a director, dismissed a director, convened a business meeting, chaired a meeting, signed under business documents, etc.
Tsarukyan spent most of his time doing business rather than defending public interests in Parliament. During the last Parliamentary season, he was absent 83% of the time, missed 60% of committee meetings, but increased his involvement in business decisions tenfold.
The Constitutional Court has a symbolic duty here. They will discuss the topic of stripping Tsarukyan's MP mandate, but they will not discuss the specifics on how and why. //
BHK believes this is a political witch-hunt against Tsarukyan with the use of cherry-picked data.

Pashinyan's interview to Russian TASS outlet / the Statement / economy / politics

Q: how did you decide that peacekeepers should stay for 5 years and what needs to be done in this period?
A: It was a matter of political agreement. In 5 years we should create guarantees for security and stability in the region. But since this conflict has lasted for a long period, I don't think peacekeepers will only stay for 5 years. It's the initial phase. There is an automatic extension.
Q: the trilateral Statement doesn't mention Karabakh's legal status.
A: there is a consensus that future negotiations must continue with the Minsk Group format. The questions that weren't addressed by the trilateral Statement will be negotiated in the future. You know what our stance is regarding Nagorno Karabakh's legal status. We haven't changed it.
The negotiation process has begun but right now we prioritize the process of exchanging POWs and bodies.
Q: the signed Statement caused a political uproar in Armenia. The opposition wants your resignation. Could this endanger the process?
A: we do have internal tensions but the truth is that whatever the opposition offered wasn't widely accepted by the public. Only the general public can [fire] the government elected by the general public.
Q: will there be new elections?
A: at the moment, the priority is to secure internal stability and internal and external security. I published the 6-step roadmap for the next 6 months, and we'll work on it. When it's done, we'll consult with the public on our future steps [regarding possible elections].
I'm not happy with the current situation, either, but we need to understand what the other options are. We shouldn't make things worse. Right now we need to help Artsakh, the population, the economy. Once things stabilize, we will make a decision on what to do next.
Q: could the internal political instability threaten the signed Statement?
A: I doubt it. I think the public understands that it was signed because there was no other better choice. Of course, we still have to analyze and understand how we got there, but as of November 9th, there were no other options.
Q: how will you aid the refugees?
A: we've already approved two financial aid packages (68,000 and 300,000 Drams, free utilities, etc.). There will be five more aid packages soon. I'm happy that many refugees began returning homes. Two days ago president Arayik announced the return of 25,000 people. We hope the majority will return by the end of this year.
Q: do you expect the return of refugees in their homes that are currently controlled by Azerbaijan?
A: Yes. The signed Statement expects the return of refugees to their homes. Based on the document, we must create security guarantees so people can return to their homes. This will be at forefront of negotiations.
Q: the Statement mentions the removal of economic and transport blockades. Could this improve AM-AZ relations and the economy?
A: it's an important part. We should focus on it. It could stabilize the economy not only in Armenia but in the whole region because Armenia isn't the only country facing economic issues today. I hope we'll be able to agree on railways, roads, etc.

to Martial or not to Martial?

The parliamentary security committee is discussing whether to hold a Parliamentary session on lifting the Martial Law.
Oppo LHK wants it lifted. "The November 9th signature put an end to military actions and confirmed that the borders will be secure. Martial Law also causes economic issues because people cannot leave the country," said LHK MP Gorgisyan.
Ruling QP MP Andranik asked LHK whether they consulted with the army before asking to lift the Martial Law. LHK responded by saying that 15 days ago the army said "they need 7 days", so the time is up. QP MP said, "that doesn't mean all the problems have been solved, you should have consulted them yesterday for the latest news instead of 15 days ago."
The ruling party and the army representative said the border length has increased and they need more time to secure it, and they need to organize the return/rotation of soldiers who are in front lines. LHK argued the troop movement can be done without Martial Law.
LHK offered to lift the Martial Law only partially. The government representative said they don't see a legal problem with a partial lift.
The discussions will continue next week. , , , ,

Human Rights Ombudsman vs Trolls

Human Rights Ombudsman Tatoyan believes that some people, who are public officials, are coordinating an online mob attack against him and the work done by him in recent days.
"Our investigation revealed that the officials themselves run the fake accounts and spread hate speech and threats. I urge them to stop," said Tatoyan.

village Charektar

Village CharektaՉարեկտար (pop. 270) is located in Artsakh's north-west (south of Mrov Mountain), near the border. It was not captured by Azerbaijan. The residents thought they had to leave because Kelbajar is being handed over to Azerbaijan.
Many of them burned their houses before leaving. They later learned that the village will remain under Armenian control. The same is true for Aknaberd village. It's not that far from Dadivank church.

soldiers receive awards

The army issued medals to several soldiers for bravery. Private Arakelyan, captain Yeghikyan, and Lieutenant Avagyan calculated and used artillery, causing heavy damage to the enemy.
Several commanders received medals for destroying enemy artillery units. Lieutenant Zakaryan shot 2 tanks in the north. Two Leuthants were awarded for providing medial aid while under fire.
Full list:

POWs / missing soldiers / landmines / no soldiers in Iran

Artsakh MFA Mayilyan met Red Cross to discuss ways to expedite the process of finding missing soldiers and exchanging POWs.
Prosecutors say they have enough evidence that Azerbaijan has committed war crimes against POWs and mutilated bodies.
QP MP Nazeli: we held meetings with the PM and deputy PM last night to discuss the issue of POWs and missing soldiers. The problem is we don't have access to areas where our soldiers' bodies are. We need peacekeepers' involvement. We exchanged several bodies yesterday. The process is slow but it's ongoing.
Today we met representatives of the Red Cross. They cannot visit some battlefields because of landmines. They'll bring experts to clear the mines first.
QP MP Hayrapetyan, who leads an Armenia-Iran cooperation committee, says the rumors that 82 Armenian soldiers had fled to Iran turned out to be false, after contacting Iran for clarification.
Here is a collection of other fake news about soldiers that you might have encountered on our beloved Facebook:
The families of missing soldiers were briefed about the work that's being done with the peacekeepers and the Red Cross.

soldiers to have their hospital

"For special people - our Hero Soldiers: they will have their own and only their own hospital - the Veterans’ Hospital. We are already starting the construction works," wrote Yerevan State Medical University rector Muradyan.

50,000 Artsakh refugees have returned

Artsakh official Mirzoyan: 50,000 have returned. Those who lost their homes have settled in or around Stepanakert. We assigned a representative to coordinate the movement of newly arrived residents. Their first stop is Stepanakert.
90% of the hotels are now full. The govt helps the homeless residents to find temporary (then permanent) housing, including in rural areas that had long been abandoned. The repatriates will receive free beds, heaters, etc.

nuclear reactor repairs

Armenian and Russian experts will soon begin the 140-day long nuclear power plant renovation. Among other things, they'll raise its temperature to 475 degrees, keep it for 150 hours, then gradually cool it off. It'll restore the metal's properties to 85% of its original state. When it's done, the reactor can function for at least until 2026.

sports news

The Skilling Open chess tournament continues. Aronyan started with good results, then royally screwed up, but scored series of victories again. he advanced to the playoffs.
His next opponent is Russia's Yan Neomnyashu. Both have an identical 2778 ranking. Aronyan had recently defeated Yan. The playoff match consists of four games.

professor Vladimir Davidyants

Pashinyan issued a posthumous "for services to the homeland" award to Davidyants for his role in developing the healthcare sector. The famous doctor had died from COVID in October.

COVID stats

+4198 tested. +1563 infected. +2040 healed. +38 deaths. 25619 active.

finally... a COVID conspiracy theory that lead to something healthy

Apparently, everyone is taking Vitamin D, C, and Zinc in Armenia? The pharmacies are facing shortages. Some people buy them thinking it could help treat/prevent COVID.
Experts say these vitamins only help to boost the general immune system but aren't effective against COVID-the-virus.

photos: daily life in StepanakertՍտեփանակերտ․-երեխաներն-ու-լվացքը-խոսում-են-վերսկսվող-կյանքի-մասին/409818

humanitarian aid continues to arrive

Czechia donated 100,000 masks and 43,000 gloves to help fight COVID.
French MFA says is working on humanitarian aid for Artsakh.
USAID is distributing aid to Artsakh residents. , ,ն-օգնում-է-Լեռնային-Ղարաբաղում-պատերազմի-հետևանքով-տեղահանված-ընտանիքներին/409775

you can help Artsakh & Armenia (soldiers' medical help) (for Artsakh & Armenia) (U.S. tax-deductible)

archive of older posts

Armeniapedia's archive of daily news threads:


All the accused are considered innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "sound" guilty.
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2020.11.25 18:04 crypto_bot Bitcoin Network Status Update Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Status of the Bitcoin network as of Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 12:00:02 EST:

Total bitcoins: 18,553,846.044971
Height: 658,628
Difficulty: 17,596,801,059,571.429688
Statistics for the past 24 hours:
Number of blocks mined: 150
Total bitcoins output (amount sent): 2,283,743.210882
Total fees: 101.001250
Average time until block found: 9 minutes, 35 seconds
Estimated hashrate: 131,211,258,709.562012 gh/s
Current price: US$19,002.19
Data provided by Price data provided by
I am a bot. My commands /crypto_bot Message my creator Source code
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